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Welcome, from everyone at Dianella Polishing, to our blog. Do you want to know how to fix peeling vinyl doors? Are you about to restore an aged kitchen to new beauty? You have come to the right place. In our peeling vinyl and kitchen renovation blog we share all our expert knowledge of vinyl wrap doors and how to save money with a kitchen facelift. Here you can learn why vinyl wrapped kitchens peel, how to remove peeling vinyl and all you need to know about vinyl wrapped kitchens. Find out what else you need to consider for your Kitchen facelift.

Planning is the Key for a Successful Kitchen Renovation

Our blog is all about helping you to renovate your kitchen and save lots of money at the same time.  The key to a successful kitchen renovation is the planning and a clear vision. At Dianella Polishing, we specialise in restoring peeling vinyl doors, vinyl wrap doors and faded timber doors for more than three decades. We also post extensive information on some of our past, on-going and future projects, as well as share company news and highlights. Our regular posts will allow you to stay updated with our newest clients and styles as well as acting as a forum for any queries that you may have.

Hands-on Advice Articles and Peeling Vinyl Videos

Dianella Polishing re-finishing your peeling vinyl doors with a modern paint that lasts.

We fix your peeling vinyl cabinets and give them a brandnew finish.

Wonder why we have that many comments and likes? It’s simple really. We know what we talk about Trevor and his team have restored Perth’s kitchens, removed peeling vinyl and repainted kitchen doors since 1984. Dianbella Polishing is known for its professional and honest approach.

If you want to save money – Trevor will tell and show you in person which parts of your kitchen renovation project you can do yourself to save money – without compromising on quality. #TrustTrevor is our advice column directly from the boss for you. Can’t remember exactly how to remove peeling vinyl that is not yet peeling? Simply check our video to get a refresher. And of course check-in and stay tuned for more.


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Covid effects on kitchen cabinets
COVID effects on kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Facelift, Painting, Renovating, Tips

COVID effects on kitchen cabinets? Corona Virus has affected all of us in many ways. Many lost their jobs. Others got their hours cut down. Almost everyone had to cancel their holidays. We learned how to work from home. Pubs were closed, parties and gatherings prohibited. We learned about social distancing and self-isolation. But could […]

Our Top 5 On How To De-Clutter Your Kitchen
Our Top 5: How To De-Clutter Your Kitchen


Cookbooks here, pantry staples there, coffee-mugs and crockery everywhere? Tupperware cascading out of your cupboards when you open the doors?  If you are tired about your messy kitchen and fancy a neat and clean look, we got you covered. Save your dollars on the Marie Kondo style so called experts. Here are Our Top 5: […]

First Aid for Peeling Vinyl Doors

Renovating, Vinyl Wrapped Kitchen

So you ordered a kitchen a few years back and now the doors are peeling? It is hard to believe that a kitchen is only made to last four to seven years but unfortunately that is the case with vinyl wrapped kitchen cabinets. To be honest we don’t recommend thermos-foil as a material for kitchens […]

say goodbye to kitchen storage problems when you renovate your kitchen
Say Goodbye to Your Kitchen Storage Problems

Renovating, Tips

Kitchens are the heart and hub of your home. Sometimes, or quite often to be honest, that heart gets a bit messy. But when it comes to kitchen renovation, storage often is not on the list. Colour, handles, splashback and benchtop get a facelift, but the storage doesn’t make it on the list. Storage might […]

zERO WASTE KITCHEN RENOVATIONS CONSIDER THE Eewnvironment and are a very affordable way to add value to your property.
Zero Waste Kitchen Renovation

Renovating, Tips

Have you heard of the zero waste movement? We’ve been following the news and observed this emerging trend from a kitchen design point of view. What does zero waste mean for your kitchen design? How do you implement it to your kitchen? We have collected a few ideas to get you started on your zero […]

handle less kitchens trend check - we have checked the latest hype in kitchen design for you and know how to best get the strewam line fresh design for your kitchen
Handle less Kitchens – Trend check

Behind the Scenes, Renovating, Tips

There is no trend like handle less cupboards in the world of home design. The minimalist style is the must have feature in a contemporary kitchen. If you want that elegant and unobstructed look, the sleek and organised design than you need to go handle less. Read on for our handle less kitchens trend check […]

It is frustrating, when your property does not sell. Learn about the five things to consider when your property does not sell.
Five things to consider when your property does not sell


Your property has been up for sale and nothing happens? If your house does not generate any genuine interest from prospective buyers, it is time to lift your game. Everyone knows it’s a buyers’ market; however we have a few aces up our sleeves that will help your house stand out. Learn about five things […]

Kitchen resurfacing is an enviromentally friendly and cost effective way to give your kitchen a new life.
A guide to Kitchen Resurfacing

Painting, Renovating

Does your kitchen look dated?  Is it still in good condition? Don’t throw it out. You can resurface them instead. Resurfacing is a cost-effective way to make your kitchen look like brand new for the fraction of the cost of getting a new one. Read on for a guide to Kitchen Resurfacing. Don’t toss out […]

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