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When did Dianella Polishing start?
It started as a family-owned business by the Kings in 1982 in the backyard shed of their house in the suburb of Dianella and then relocated to Malaga. In 2005, the business was purchased by the Skeels Family. As the company grew, the Malaga premises were outgrown and new premises were purpose built in Wangara in 2008. Dianella Polishing is now owned and operated by Trevor Skeels.
Can Dianella Polishing handle big jobs?
The Dianella Factory is 800 square metres and is the largest polishing company in Perth.
Are the polishers registered?
All of our polishers are certified and qualified french polishers with combined experience of over 50 years.

Our Services

How long will it take for my cabinets to be finished?
On average, all jobs can be completed in 2 weeks.
What can you paint?
We can paint almost anything that can fit in our factory, such as kitchen cabinets, kitchen doors and drawers, fridge panels, tables, chairs, vanities, glass splashbacks, wine barrels, plastic, metal, timber wardrobes, fibreglass, bookcases, basically anything.
Can you make kitchen cabinets?
No. We only do polishing/painting, but we can refer you to qualified cabinet makers that we work with closely.
Can you paint over vinyl?
Yes, you can as long as it’s not peeling. We do not recommend it, since the vinyl will eventually peel.
Can you glue the vinyl wrap back on to my doors?
No, you can’t adhere the vinyl back on to your doors in a professional manner. If you glued the vinyl on yourself, you’ll likely have lumps or air bubbles in your finish and the vinyl would peel back off.
Why are my vinyl wrap doors peeling?
There are a few possible reasons. 1. Heat and steam causes the glue on your vinyl doors to separate, such as a kettle boiling and oven heat. 2. The glue that manufacturers use on vinyl doors usually only lasts 5-7 years. 3. Over the years, common wear and tear such as pulling drawers open will start to peel away the edges of vinly doors.
Can you paint over my timber doors?
Yes. Timber doors can be painted any colour.
Can you paint over laminate/laminex even if it’s damaged?
Yes. It will take a bit more work to fix the damage, but the damage will be undetectable after it’s finished.
Can you paint my cabinets in my house?
No. For health, safety, and quality assurance reasons, we only complete jobs in factory. Be weary of the quality finish of any tradesmen who offers to paint your kitchen in your house.
Can you paint rusted surfaces, such as wrought iron?
Once it is sandblasted, it can be painted any colour.
Can you repaint my internal house doors that are painted in water­based paint?
Yes. Many polishers will not do it because of the chance of the paint reacting.
Can you fix weather damaged exterior house doors?
Yes. If your exterior doors are weather damaged they are likely not painted with an exterior coating. We can repaint your doors to ensure that they can stand up to the elements.
Can you paint just one or two doors of my kitchen cabinets?
Yes. Just submit your sample door for a perfect colour matching.
Can I keep the wood grain effect on my doors if they are painted?
Yes, you can.
Can I still use my kitchen while the cabinets are being painted?
Yes. Unlike when installing new kitchen cabinets, your kitchen will be fully functional.
Can you paint my timber dining table?
Yes. One of the latest trends is painting dining tables to match modern home decor.
Do you pick up and deliver?
We only pick up kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. We can arrange for a third­party pick up and delivery.
Do you offer a warranty?
Yes. We offer a 12 month warranty.

Products We Use

What kind of paint do we use?
We use a polyurethane two pac paint which come in ALL colours and ALL gloss levels. It is the best paint for heat and moisture resistance. To ensure a quality finish, we only use polyurethane paint.
Can you use automotive paint?
Yes. We can paint anything in an automotive paint colour. Automotive paint is designed to be outside, therefore it doesn’t fade as quickly. It is more durable, but also more expensive.
What gloss levels do your paints come in?
You can get any paint colour in all gloss levels from 10% (matt finish) to 100% (gloss finish).
Can you repaint my children’s cot in a kid­friendly paint?
Yes. We can paint in a non­toxic coating.
Are your paints environmentally friendly?
We have a water­based polyurethane, 5-star green rated paint.
Do you have anti­graffiti coatings?
Yes. Typically it is used on external shop fronts.

Maintenance and Care

How do I clean my painted kitchen or cabinets?
Use a damp cloth and wipe in one direction. Then use a dry cloth to dry in the same direction. Clean spills immediately. DO NOT use chemicals. If you have a full gloss finish (100%) , you can hand buff it, but it’s best to leave it to the professionals.
How do I clean my solid timber kitchen or cabinets?
Use a damp cloth and wipe in one direction. Then use a dry cloth to dry in the same direction. Do not use Mr. Sheen or any product that has silicone in it. You can use a product called Spray Glow that preserves and protects your timber cabinets.
Why do I have white rings on my dining room/coffee tables?
Over time heat and moisture has penetrated the coating of your table.

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