Warranty Problems with Vinyl Wrapped Doors

Date:  January 24, 2019


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Vinyl wrapped kitchens are peeling on average after seven years but it bis hard to claim damage compensation under warranty

So you ordered a kitchen a few years back and now the doors are peeling? It is hard to believe that a kitchen is only made to last four to seven years but unfortunately that is the case with vinyl wrapped kitchen cabinets. To be honest we don’t recommend vinyl wrap as a material for kitchens at all. Vinyl wrap does not do well with heat and moisture both of which you get an abundance in a Western Australian kitchen. There are plenty warranty problems with vinyl wrapped doors.

Why are vinyl doors peeling

Before we look at the warranty side of things lets go to the root of the problem. Vinyl wrapped doors are mdf (medium density fibreboard) doors wrapped in a thin plastic coating. They are also called thermo-foil doors because the plastic lining is called “foil”. At manufacturing stage the foil is heated up so it becomes stretchy and flexible and is wrapped around the substrate and glued onto it. Unfortunately heat and moisture simply undo this process. A dishwasher, an oven, or even a water kettle steam will weaken the glue and as a result the vinyl will start to bubble up first and then start to peel.

The Warranty Supply Chain

To be quite honest, vinyl is a terrible product for kitchens and wet rooms due to its shortcomings. As a customer the main problem is often that they don’t know, who caused is responsible for the peeling vinyl and how to get it justified. The builder, the cabinetmaker, the kitchen designer / supplier or the manufacturer of the board. The problem clearly grows step by step throughout the supply chain.

Manufacturer Warranty

Most commonly the manufacturer’s warranty for thermo-foil doors is seven years. That itself says a lot about its usability for kitchen cabinets. Who buys or builds a kitchen for $30,000 only to throw it out again after maximum 7 years’? But that aside the manufacturer’s will rarely be held responsible. The manufacturers themselves are well aware of the shortcomings of its products and hence recommend, if not insist, heat-shields to protect the vinyl boards amongst other conditions for their warranty. The customers rarely get in touch with the manufacturers directly. They never see their warranty terms and conditions. As a result the customer stands barely a chance with a warranty claim against the manufacturer.

Cabinet Maker Warranty

The cabinetmaker will always warrant their work. Many even give a lifetime warranty on the frames of kitchen cabinets and their structural integrity. You are guessing it, peeling vinyl doors do not effect either and hence are more often than not excluded from the cabinet-makers’ warranty.

Builder’s Warranty

Builders often cut cost and don’t specify heat shields. As a result damage on panels surrounding the appliances is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.  The builder’s warranty rarely comes into effect due to the terms and conditions in the building contract. Few homeowners make it through the 20plus pages. No-one ever understands these t&c’s. That simply is the case because they are not written to be understood by the  homeowner. Also the warranties and T&C’s are part of the contract between the builder and the customer. They are not valid outside this contract. As a result, if a house is sold on, the warranty often is null and void.

Consumer Guarantee under Australian Consumer Law

Talking about the legal side of things: You were right, if you were already annoyed reading, that the vinyl wrapped kitchen doors only come with a seven years’ warranty. The Australian Consumer Law obviously doesn’t specify an appropriate warranty period for every item on the market. There is no vinyl wrapped kitchen warranty law.  The law specifies though, that goods are of “acceptable quality” and that they are “fit for their disclosed purpose”. This means, if the manufacturer knows he produces and supplies thermo-foil doors for kitchens then they need to last a reasonable period of time in a kitchen. A formal complaint to the WA Department of Commerce will often resolve conflicts with a builder or local manufacturer.

No warranty? No worries!

Not covered by any warranties and guarantees? Not up for legal fights and lengthy back-and-forth my-fault/your-fault –email-ping-pong? Don’t you worry! We have your warranty problems with vinyl wrapped doors covered. Just with great workmanship and customer service. We remove the peeling vinyl wrap of your mdf boards. We spray-paint them with a professional 2pac finish, making them look like brand-new. Simply give us a call on 0893032176 or click here to arrange for an obligation-free quote.

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