Vinyl Wrapped Kitchens: What You Need to Know

Date:  June 8, 2015


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The increased popularity of vinyl wrapped cabinets over the past two decades, have made them a very common occurrence in a modern day home. Though a vinyl wrapped kitchen might be outdated, they typically provide a good basis and structure for a new painted kitchen.

We often get asked a number of questions regarding vinyl wrapped kitchens and whether it is possible to use the structure of a vinyl wrapped kitchen to create a painted kitchen. Today we have put together a list of frequently asked questions regarding vinyl.

Can you paint over vinyl?

It’s not impossible to paint over a vinyl wrapped kitchen, but it certainly isn’t recommended. Typically a vinyl wrapped kitchen will last without peeling for between five to ten years. After this time (and sometimes even before) the vinyl will begin to crack or peel, making your kitchen look tired and old.

Though vinyl can be painted, when the vinyl begins to peel the paint will peel with it. Don’t worry, if you’re unhappy with your vinyl wrapped kitchen you can consider getting it refinished by a professional, such as Dianella Polishing. Check out our article of refinishing options to get an idea of what would be the best for your kitchen.

Can you glue the vinyl wrap back on to my doors?

Unfortunately there is no professional way to glue peeling vinyl wrap back onto your kitchen cupboards or doors. Though you could attempt to glue them back yourself, chances are there will be bubbles or lumps in the finish and the vinyl will peel again eventually.

Can you paint just one or two of my vinyl wrapped doors?

Of course, paint can be matched to almost any colour of a vinyl wrapped door. So if you have just one or two doors in your kitchen that need painting, we can most certainly match them to your existing vinyl wrapped colouring.

Why are my vinyl doors peeling?

Nothing is made to last forever – and the same goes for vinyl wrapped doors! There are a number of reasons why vinyl wrapped doors can begin to peel, including

– The heat and steam which is caused by the everyday use of your kitchen causes the glue which holds down the vinyl to separate from the door itself.

– Manufacturers use a certain type of glue when making vinyl wrapped doors and unfortunately that usually only holds for five to seven years

– The kitchen is often one of the most well used rooms in your house. Common wear and tear such as pulling draws open or closing the doors a little too rough will make the vinyl edges start to peel.

Want to know more about vinyl wrapped doors? Check out our new video below to find out everything you need to know!

10 responses to “Vinyl Wrapped Kitchens: What You Need to Know”

  1. Carol says:

    We are making our own cupboard are wanting to know if you sell rolls of vinyl wrap, if so what the cost be please.

  2. Julie Barker says:

    Need to get a quote ASAP.

  3. mark walker says:

    what paints can be used to paint the vinyl ?

    • Nadia says:

      Hi Mark, we don’t recommend to paint the vinyl. What is the point of painting over a peeling surfaces. We remove the peeling vinyl completely and then spray paint the underlying substrate with 2-pac paint. Hope that helps. Cheers from the team at Dianella Polishing.

  4. Karis says:

    I’ve had mine wrapped and it’s a bad job- how much to remove??

    • Nadia says:

      Hi Karis, sorry to hear you made a bad experience. Unfortunately, this is quite common as re-wrapping rarely solves the problem. To quote on the removal of the bad vinyl wrap – we would have to come out and see and measure your kitchen. Please click here to arrange for an obligation-free quote appointment: Kind regards your Dianella Polishing team.

  5. rhonda maree bennett says:

    Can the vinyl wrap be peeled off and then the doors be spray painted or restored.

    • Nadia says:

      Hi Rhonda, thank you for your question. Yes that is exactly how it works. We remove the peeling vinyl and then we spray-paint the doors to make them look brand-new. Kind regards, Dianella Polishing team.

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