Vinyl Wrap or 2-Pack Paint. What’s better for Kitchen Cabinets?

Date:  March 20, 2023


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Today I’m going to be breaking down the most popular options for kitchen cabinets and help you decide on the best option for your new kitchen or kitchen renovation. So, as you can probably guess by the title, we will be exploring the options of vinyl wrap and 2-pack paint.

Many people in the process of updating or deciding on their kitchen design come across these two options for their kitchen cabinets and panels with little to no information. Often the pros and cons of either option are left out with a salesperson trying to push you towards a quick sale without your best interest in mind.

Here I will outline both sides of the argument and help you make an informed decision on what’s best for your situation.

Vinyl Wrapped Cabinets

So, what is a vinyl-wrapped cabinet?

The vinyl wrap is a thin plastic film that is pressed onto a glue-sprayed MDF (medium-density fibreboard) door or panel. This process involves machines that use vacuum and heat to wrap the vinyl tightly and securely.

If you are wanting vinyl, make sure you are picking a company that values quality. If a company is going to cut costs on the vinyl or glue, then there is a higher chance you’ll notice peeling or bubbling much earlier in the product’s life span.

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Vinyl Wrapped Kitchen?

Consider the following pros and cons when deciding if vinyl wrap cabinets are for you.


Cost: Typically, vinyl-wrapped kitchen cabinets are a cheaper option.

Designs: There are many colour and texture options when picking a vinyl wrap design.

Maintenance: This finish doesn’t chip or scratch easily and is easy to clean with a cloth and warm soapy water. Make sure the vinyl is dry after wiping clean!


Peeling and cracking: Vinyl-wrapped kitchens tend to last 5-7 years however with proper maintenance they can last longer. But they all end up peeling or cracking sooner or later. Once this happens it cannot be fixed by gluing it back down.

Yellowing: This can happen for several reasons such as sunlight, grease, and chemical reactions. To learn more about yellowing vinyl click here.

Vinyl wrap is a popular option to consider. This option is cheap, but after a few years, you may experience peeling, cracking and/or bubbling doors. So why would someone want to use this option?

Well, this option would be best suited for someone who needs something done cheaply now and doesn’t mind solving the issues later. So, if money is a constraint now and you want to redo your kitchen in 5-7 years this could be a good option for you. Those flipping houses often use this option too. Here they can cheaply renovate a kitchen to increase the home value and then sell it. This leaves the peeling door issues to the next owner.

If you are looking for a higher quality long-term option, then you may consider paying a bit more for a professionally painted 2-Pack Kitchen.

2-Pack Painted Cabinets

2-pack paint has a few names such as 2-pac and 2pak, to avoid any confusion they are the same thing!

2-pack paint gets its name because it involves two different liquids in the paint. This special paint is a polyurethane. We would recommend avoiding DIY 2-pack painted cabinets. The reason you should get a professional to do it is because the paint dries slowly and needs to remain in a dust-free environment with temperature control for a perfect high-quality finish.

The 2-pack paint option is popular as it is durable. 2-pack paint originated from the automotive industry for this reason. Here at Dianella Polishing we use polyurethane 2-pack paint which comes in all colours along with the ability to colour match and achieve all different gloss levels. It is the best paint for heat and moisture resistant making it an ideal option when it comes to bathroom, laundry, and kitchen cabinet choices. To ensure a quality finish, we only use polyurethane 2-pack paint.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of 2-Pack Painted Kitchens?

Consider the following pros and cons when deciding if 2-pack painted cabinets are for you.


Colour range: With 2-pack paint, you can choose any colour you want. We can even colour match any colour you need.

Finish: This option allows you to choose a sheen level. There are matt (10% gloss), satin (30% gloss), and gloss (100% gloss) this is known as gloss off the gun and then the next step up is gloss buffed. There are also metallic options available and if you have a wooden cabinet with grains that you want to keep this can be done too.

Durable: There is a reason why this option is known for its high quality. It doesn’t peel, react badly to heat, or water and is great for a family environment.

Maintenance: Just simply wipe the surface with a warm damp microfibre cloth with a mild detergent solution.


Application: 2-pack paint shouldn’t be done by an amateur or as a DIY project and this is for a few reasons. One is the hardening component should not be inhaled when sprayed onto the surface of your cabinet. For this reason, our staff all wear the appropriate safety gear and work in a well-ventilated area. Another constraint for the average person is that the project needs to dry in a climate-controlled room.

Time: The paint can take a few days to completely dry and harden so it needs to remain in a dust-free environment during this period. The 2-pack painting process involves 20 steps, to learn more click here.

This option will generally be taken by someone who wants a quality kitchen that is going to last. Although this option is more expensive in the short term you won’t need to replace the doors as they won’t peel and bubble like the vinyl wrap option. 2-pack paint is still cheap for a kitchen renovation as it is roughly a third of the cost of a new replacement kitchen.

Affordable 2-Pack Paint Service

At Dianella Polishing we understand that 2-pack paint is a higher upfront cost option.  For this reason, our team allows you to decide which steps of the process you want to save money on. Just because you can’t 2-pack paint your kitchen yourself doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the option to DIY other steps of the renovation and save those dollars where you can.

Trevor from Dianella Polishing can come out to give you an obligation-free quote and explain what areas you can save money and how to do it with an easy 5-minute explanation. These areas consist of:

-Taking the doors and handles off yourself.

-Removing the vinyl wrap off your old kitchen if applicable.

-Delivering/picking up the cabinet doors and panels.

-Reconstructing the doors and handles in the kitchen.

These areas can easily be done with general tools you may have laying around your house. We, of course, can do these steps for you but if you are wanting to DIY these steps, we can show you how and encourage it!

Changing From Vinyl Wrap To 2-Pack Paint

Usually, we will get customers coming in asking if they can fix their peeling vinyl. While you can’t repair the peeling vinyl you can certainly remove it and get it ready for painting. If you are changing to 2-pack paint you are spoilt with choices in colour ranges and types of finishes with the ability to colour match.

We can most certainly take the peeling vinyl off for you but if you are wanting to save money, we can show you how it’s done. This step is easy and simple and can be done with a knife and hairdryer. Trevor from Dianella Polishing describes it as “a bit like peeling a banana”. Check out Trevor’s demonstration here.

If money is a constraint and your thinking vinyl may be best for you, contact Dianella Polishing first for an obligation-free quote to see if we can help you save money in other areas to get you the quality kitchen you deserve.

In Conclusion, Vinyl Wrap Or 2-Pack Paint?

So, vinyl wrap or 2-pack paint? The option comes down to what situation you are currently in.

The vinyl wrap option would be appropriate for those who won’t be around when the vinyl starts peeling and bubbling. People in this situation would most likely be doing a quick flip on a house or doing a renovation with a tight budget now and are happy to do another one a few years down the track with a bigger budget.

Before finalising on the vinyl wrap option contact Dianella Polishing here to see if we can recommend and demonstrate areas of the process you can DIY to cut down on the costs of a 2-pack painted kitchen, this will save you the headache of peeling vinyl later.

2-pack paint is for those looking for a long-term solution. This will provide a quality kitchen that will last. Here you can reuse your old kitchen cabinets and save around a third of the cost of replacing them. For most situations, this will be the option to go to, especially for a family home where you are intending to keep it for a while.

Hope this has helped you and if you are left with any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team at Dianella Polishing. To contact us visit our contact us page.

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