Vinyl Kitchen Cabinets: Peel Easier Than a Banana

Date:  March 20, 2014


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Everyone wants a kitchen they can be proud of; one to show off to friends and family. But when your vinyl kitchen cabinets start to peel, what should you do?

You’ve probably already watched the youtube video on how to glue those edges of your vinyl cabinet doors back on. You might have even tried it. When vinyl starts to peel it’s the edges that typically go first. You can glue, sand, and re-glue, but let’s face it, you are fighting the inevitable—they’re going to peel. Like a beautiful rose, your vinyl cabinets weren’t built to last.

Vinyl typically starts to peel in 5-7 years, sometimes sooner if it’s exposed to heat or poorly manufactured. Don’t feel like a victim—they were built to peel. And peel they will, but you have options.

So what are your options?

Warranty Replacement

If your cabinets are still covered under their warranty, give your cabinet maker a call to get them repaired. Even if your cabinet maker has gone out of business or sold the business, your cabinets were probably supplied by a third party door manufacturer. If you can find out who made the doors, you can approach them directly and see if they’ll honour their warranty.

If you’re able to get your cabinets repaired, the manufacturer/cabinet maker may only repair the one panel that is peeling. If one is already peeling, it’s just a matter of time before the rest do too. It’s time to start considering what to do when the warranty is void.

New Vinyl Cabinets

New vinyl cabinets are low-maintenance and easy to clean. They can be cut to almost any style and come in a range of colours. They can even be made to look like real painted timber cabinets. However, they will start to peel in 5-7 years, depending on use and quality. The colours for vinyl wrap doors change often, so unless you have basic white, it can be difficult to match the colour for a replacement door.

This option is ideal for those who are mindful to keep heat away from their cabinets (causes peeling) and those who like the look of painted timber but can’t afford it.

New Timber Cabinets

Brand new timber kitchen cabinets are gorgeous and will last as long as you take care of them. They will cost you the most upfront, but they will also last the longest. You can get new timber kitchens cabinets in a variety of timbers and finishes. If your home has a colonial or rustic look, timber may be the way to go. However, they are not a popular choice for the current real estate market and you may find that home buyers prefer more modern painted kitchen cabinets.

This option is ideal for those with a large budget and are not planning on selling their home in the near future.

New Melamine/Laminate Cabinets

Melamine and laminate kitchen cabinets come in a wide range of colours and textures. They are durable and easy to clean. They have a tough barrier against scratches, heat and moisture. They do tend to chip at the corners and along edges and damages are costly to repair. But like other cabinets with resin veneers, the quality depends largely on the manufacturer.  On the downside, because of the way it is manufactured, melamine and laminate cabinets aren’t available in intricate designs. Flat panel is the only design available.

This option is ideal for those who like flat panel cabinets, want the option to paint their cabinets in the future, and are looking for more affordable new kitchen cabinets.

New Painted Cabinets

Two Pac paint is a fantastic option when done right. It does chip, but so does everything that gets bumped or hit. It would be impractical to have your cabinets painted Two Pac if you let your kids ride skateboards in the house and such. Repairs can be easily carried out by professionals. Two Pac is great in a range of finishes such as high gloss or matt.

You can get new cabinets cut and finished with Two Pac paint. This will be pricey and you’ll have cabinet makers constantly in and out of your home. On average, it will take weeks until your new kitchen cabinets are installed and ready to use.

This option is ideal for those who want a specific colour and finish, don’t use their kitchen cabinets often, are planning on completely renovating their kitchen, or need new cabinets because the existing are beyond repair (such as heavy mould).

Paint Existing Cabinets

What most cabinet makers probably won’t tell you, is that you can have the vinyl stripped from your current cabinet doors and the underlying MDF panels painted. You can also change the colour and appearance of your existing kitchen without having to buy new cabinets. These methods are easier and cheaper than ripping out all of your current cabinets and having them replaced. Your cabinet doors will be removed, painted and reattached. The whole process takes under two weeks.

This option is great for cabinets that are heavily used, kitchen renovations on budgets, households that care about environmental impact and waste, and those that don’t want the hassle of a kitchen that is “under construction”.

What’s right for you?

Everyone has different needs when it comes to cabinets–that’s why there are so many choices. Just because your neighbour has painted timber cabinets, that doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Assess your needs and go with the option that satisfies them.

And when choosing a cabinet maker or polisher, there are plenty of substandard manufacturers and services out there, so be weary. Don’t be afraid to ask your cabinet maker which manufacturer and polisher they use! They should be able to tell you. It’s best to go with a local supplier/company that has been around for a while. A warranty is only as good as the company that gives it.

Good luck deciding on your new kitchen!

Vinyl Kitchen Cabinets: Peel Easier Than a Banana
Article Name
Vinyl Kitchen Cabinets: Peel Easier Than a Banana
Everyone wants a kitchen they can be proud of; one to show off to friends and family. But when your vinyl kitchen cabinets start to peel, what should you do?

7 responses to “Vinyl Kitchen Cabinets: Peel Easier Than a Banana”

  1. Peter says:

    Answered my exact query re what to do with peeling vinyl cabinet doors. Will make contact with the company.

  2. Judy Ephraums says:

    My kitchen is around 12 years old
    The vynal wrap has lasted pretty well on the cupboards but because of the heart coming from the oven has caused the two doors close to it, to peel n crack. It cannot be glued on I need to get both doors redone but I have no clue who to contact. Can you please help????

    • dianellapolishing says:

      Hi Judy,

      Thanks for the question! Where are you located? If you’re in Western Australia, visit our website and submit a query through the contact form and we will be able to get in touch and have a look for you.

      Otherwise, let us know where you are and we can see if we can recommend someone for you!

      The Team @ Dianella Polishing

  3. Jae says:

    Can you recommend any cabinetmakers in the ACT area that can remove the vinyl wrap and paint.. Doors are in great shape. Colour very dated..

    • dianellapolishing says:

      Hi Jae,

      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately as a Perth based company we do not have an affiliates or associates in the ACT. Usually we suggest trying to Google “cabinet refinishing ACT”, “polish shop ACT” etc to try and find someone in your area who could remove peeling vinyl and repaint your cabinets.

      Good luck!


      The Team @ Dianella Polishing

  4. dick girls says:

    Good post. I’m facing many of these issues as well..

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