Trigg Beach House Kitchen Facelift Saved Thousands of Dollars

Date:  March 27, 2017


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Whether you’re looking for a kitchen that is on trend or timeless, a professional contractor can transform your dated kitchen and turn it into a modern gourmet space. Don’t toss out the good with the bad, at Dianella Polishing we thrive to work with your existing structure, giving your kitchen a very affordable, cost effective new look.

When Merilyn Elson was tired of her thermo foil coating peeling off her kitchen cupboards, she called around to get a quote for getting her cupboard doors repainted. That’s when Dianella Polishing came on the scene.

A whole new look pulled off with a simple re-paint

Our Kitchen Renovation Expert, Trevor Skeels went out to meet with Merilyn and her husband at their Trigg beach house. The lovely couple were concerned they’d have to pay for a whole new kitchen, when they showed Trevor the problem. Their kitchen was well appointed and besides the vinyl peeling from the doors, it was in great condition.

Trevor advised the couple to leave the structure of the kitchen untouched. The kitchen was nicely designed, offered plenty of cupboard space and a great layout. Instead of a full kitchen makeover, our consultant pulled off a whole new look with a simple re-paint of the panels.

Impressive straight forward and honest approach

The Trigg couple was very impressed with Trevor’s straight forward honest approach. With precise and clear instructions, Trevor ensured that Merilyn’s husband was confident to do all the prep work himself.

The more you do yourself, the cheaper it gets

“That is the first thing I tell all clients, the more you do you do yourselves, the cheaper it gets.” First thing I do tell clients – the more we involve you the cheaper it gets”, says Trevor.

“It takes about five minutes for me to explain them how to take the door off. It is not difficult to do  at all.”

Merilyn’s hubby did it all, thus saving the couple thousands of dollars.

The fresh white paint lifted the kitchen and gave it a brand-new modern feel. Even the stylish stainless steel door handles could be kept and integrated into new look. Add a new light grey stone benchtop and be amazed how the light flows through the space.

Dianella Polishing exceeded expectations

All in all, Dianella Polishing saved the Elson’s thousands of dollars and exceeded their expectations. How about you? We are here to help you make your dream kitchen reality – even on a budget. Have you got questions? Want to learn more?

Click here to browse our website for more renovation tips, or follow this link to apply for a Dianella Polishing Consultant to come to your home and give you an obligation free quote.


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