Top 5 Tips to Picking a Polish Shop

Date:  May 4, 2015


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It can sometimes be overwhelming looking for a polish shop to refinish your kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets. There are a number of polish shops around and they range in size, specialty and professionalism. When looking for someone to complete your work, it is important to look out for these five key signs, to make sure your work is done to the best standard possible.


Have you ever looked at a finished painted product and noticed a grain of sand or bit of dust embedded under the paint? Once that little imperfection has been dried into the paint, its often difficult to remove. A professional polish shop will always be clean and tidy to make sure your cabinets are painted perfectly.

Without a clean factory, it is almost impossible to provide you with clean, finished cabinets. If you are looking to get your kitchen refinished and you are working directly with a polish shop, you should be able to ask to come down and see their work space to ensure your cabinets are being well looked after.

Enclosed Booths

The chemicals that are used to professionally paint your cabinets can sometimes be harmful, unless they are applied in a professional, controlled environment. There are a number of benefits to a polish shop having enclosed paint booths.

Not only does it ensure your cabinets are painted safely, but it also ensures they are painted in a space that is specifically designed for painting. It’ll be cleaner, safer and your job will end up with the professional finish you paid for.


Just like when you’re buying new furniture or building a new house, when you’re getting your cabinets refinished, going to a professional showroom to look at examples of finished work can make all the difference. Pictures and product books may help you envision what your finished kitchen will look like, but nothing is quite like seeing the work in person.

Ask your sales representative if the polish shop you’re considering has a showroom, and if they do, make sure you check it out before making your final decision.


When you are researching different polish shops for your job, the professionalism of the staff is paramount. Do they answer your calls or call you back? How long are you waiting for email replies to your questions? Can the staff answer your questions when you ask them?

Knowledge and professionalism means you’re getting your work done by the right people. Getting your kitchen, bathroom or laundry refinished is an exciting project, you want to be able to work with professional staff, who keep you in the loop about your project from beginning to end.


The polish industry is an unregulated one, which means almost anyone can open up a shop and call themselves a polish shop. Unfortunately, the lack of regulation within this industry, means there can be a large number of inexperienced polishers trying to do your work.

When you’re looking for a polisher/painter check their experience and how long they have been in the industry. Ask for examples of their work, when they were established and how many experienced staff they have.

Do you have any more questions about what to look for in a polish shop or an experience to share? Comment below or give us a call today!

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