Tips to Keep Your Rental Property Competitive

Date:  December 6, 2016


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If you live in Perth, you have probably read or seen that the rental market is currently taking the favour of renters.  It does not matter if you are far north as Yanchep or down south in Mandurah. The growth in the property market over recent years has lead to the market being saturated in rental properties. Rental prices are low and seemingly more affordable than they have been in a long time. If you are a owner of a rental property it is important to update your rental property. To be as desirable as possible during competitive times you might consider a Kitchen Facelift or to add fresh paint. Here are some of the key things we recommend because these are the things tenants typically consider when looking for a new rental property. Read on to get our recommendations on how to keep your property as competitive as possible.

Fresh Paint & New Flooring

Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest difference. If your rental has been on the market for a few years or has been extensively lived in it might be time to update your rental property. Consider a fresh coat of paint and some new flooring in the most utilised rooms in the house. A DIY paint job, and long-lasting flooring options such as vinyl or floating floorboards will go a long way when your property is on the market. The walls and floor take up a great majority of your house and when freshly done they will quickly be noticed by potential renters.

Modernise  Your Kitchen

Depending on the age of your house, a modern kitchen might not be feasible. Most importantly small changes can have a big effect. Therefore refresh your kitchen’s look. Refinish your kitchen cabinets. It is a cheap and effective way to add value to your home and update your rental property. Light coloured kitchen cabinets will brighten up a room.  If your cabinets are in good condition, refinishing them will typically cost a third of the price of a new kitchen. It’s a job that must be done by the professionals. Speak with Dianella Polishing. Our Sales Representative will be able to come have a look at your current kitchen and make suggestions on how a kitchen makeover will make your home more appealing to potential renters.

Storage Space – Kitchen, Bathroom & Laundry

The kitchen, bathroom and laundry are three of the most well utilised rooms in the house. In additional to their day to day purposes, these rooms are also largely used for the storage of everyday clutter. If you’re trying to make your rental property shine in a competitive market, making sure the kitchen, bathroom and laundry have ample storage space and are visually appealing. In addition to a modern kitchen, utilising light coloured cupboards will make these rooms look more spacious. Your bathroom or laundry lack storage space or cupboards? Invest in a cabinet maker to install some new cabinets for you.

Update Utility Rooms Colours

How about the colours of your rental property? Are your bathroom, kitchen or laundry cupboards dark or outdated? Any orange or green cabinetry work maybe? Stay with neutral colours and add white beige and grey to your rental. These colours are  are attractive to most tenants. We at Dianella Polishing can refinish your cabinets the same as we can with your kitchen.

The Bottom Line

If you’re the owner of a rental property staying ahead of trends is crucial. Keep your property appealing. This is the key to ensuring your property is never on the market for long. If you have any further questions comment below. Alternatively click here to get an obligation free quote:

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