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Trigg Beach House Kitchen Facelift Saved Thousands of Dollars

Whether you’re looking for a kitchen that is on trend or timeless, a professional contractor can transform your dated kitchen and turn it into a modern gourmet space. Don’t toss out the good with the bad, at Dianella Polishing we thrive to work with your existing structure, giving your kitchen a very affordable, cost effective […]

My Vinyl Cabinets Are Peeling: Now What?

If your home was built since the 1980s, chances are you might have a vinyl wrapped kitchen. Known for their affordability and variety of colours, vinyl wrap became a popular kitchen covering option. Fast forward 20+ years and vinyl wrap is still being used in homes today. However, kitchens, bathroom and laundry cabinets that are […]

Know your renovating rights when starting a new project
Know Your Renovating Rights

When it comes to home renovations almost everyone has heard or experienced first hand some type of horror story. Unfortunately, this is the same in any industry which relies heavily on quality craftsmanship and experienced tradesmen. Not all suppliers provide the same standard. Know your renovating rights as a customer. Research the industry standards. Know […]

Cabinet Refinishing: What’s Involved and How Can It Save You Money

Do you want to renovate your bathroom, laundry  or kitchen? Wondering “how much is that going to cost me?” Surprisingly enough, a kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovation doesn’t  cost an arm and a leg. When the team at Dianella Polishing is asked to come and quote on cabinet refinishing, we are usually met with the […]

Reality Rules: Misconceptions About At Home Renovation Shortcuts

The last few years has seen an overwhelming hype and popularity of home renovation shows such as The Block and Reno Rumble. These shows give great insight into the the highs and lows that come with renovating a home. Though renovation reality television does provide a lot of great tips for renovating, it also provides […]

Professional vs DIY: When Should You Use a Professional for your Renovation

We have all seen the home renovation shows on TV where seemingly every day people are able to repaint their kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets to reveal a professional looking end result. Though do-it-yourself home renovations are becoming increasingly popular because of the popularity of these shows, it is creating an unrealistic perception that you […]

3 Ways to Save on Your Kitchen, Bathroom or Laundry Renovation

The kitchen, bathroom and laundry are three of the most well loved and utilised rooms in a house. Because of this, they are usually the first rooms that need a facelift when you start thinking about home renovations. Unfortunately, a full renovation of these rooms comes with a hefty price tag. If you’re looking to […]

How Colour Matching Could Help Your Kitchen Renovation

Bringing life back to an outdated kitchen is often a lot simpler than you would expect. Sooner or later a home looks lived in and dated. The first room on the “renovation wish list” is usually the kitchen, bathroom or laundry. These rooms are the some of the most well used rooms in the house […]

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