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Costs of painting your kitchen
Costs of painting your kitchen

Do you wonder what the costs of painting your kitchen are? Are you worried a new kitchen would cost you an arm and a leg? Keep calm and read on. At Dianella Polishing we can help you keep the price down. We broke down the costs of painting your kitchen into seven separate items (plus […]

Dopuble sided Melamine shortage
Double Sided Melamine Shortage

WA has currently a shortage of double sided melamine boards. Cabinetmakers and kitchen companies in the state cannot get their hands on enough substrates for the demand. As a result, customers have to wait, pay double or get lower quality. Read on to learn what to do, if you are currently renovating your kitchen or […]

First Aid for Peeling Vinyl Doors

So you ordered a kitchen a few years back and now the doors are peeling? It is hard to believe that a kitchen is only made to last four to seven years but unfortunately that is the case with vinyl wrapped kitchen cabinets. To be honest we don’t recommend thermos-foil as a material for kitchens […]

zERO WASTE KITCHEN RENOVATIONS CONSIDER THE Eewnvironment and are a very affordable way to add value to your property.
Zero Waste Kitchen Renovation

Have you heard of the zero waste movement? We’ve been following the news and observed this emerging trend from a kitchen design point of view. What does zero waste mean for your kitchen design? How do you implement it to your kitchen? We have collected a few ideas to get you started on your zero […]

It is frustrating, when your property does not sell. Learn about the five things to consider when your property does not sell.
Five things to consider when your property does not sell

Your property has been up for sale and nothing happens? If your house does not generate any genuine interest from prospective buyers, it is time to lift your game. Everyone knows it’s a buyers’ market; however we have a few aces up our sleeves that will help your house stand out. Learn about five things […]

The Pros and cons of Spray painting kitchen cabinets
Pros and Cons of Spray Painting Kitchens

Are your cupboards yellowing? Does your kitchen need a make-over? Is your vinyl peeling? Or maybe you need to update your shopfront? If you want quick and professional results, spray painting is your top choice. However spray painting is not for everyone. Here are the pros and cons of spray painting kitchens. Speed and Efficiency […]

how to paint vinyl wrap kitchens
Paint Your Vinyl Kitchens

Vinyl kitchens are beautiful at first but soon enough disappoint, when they start to peel. This usually happens after 5-7 years’. Hardly anyone can afford to buy a new kitchen every seven years. So here is what to do instead: Paint your vinyl kitchen cabinets. However you don’t want to kill your kitchen completely by […]

painted kitchen doors
Vinyl Wrapped Kitchen – Pros and Cons

Vinyl wrapped kitchen doors are everywhere. Regardless if you are planning your new home; renovating your old house or just updating your kitchen: You will come across them. And more so, you will be tempted. Vinyl wrapped doors, aka thermos-foil doors are a popular option for kitchen, laundry and linen cabinets. We have taken a […]

Vinyl wrap doors usually peel after about 5 years of use. You can not fix them or glue them back - but fortunately it is easy to remove the vinyl wrap and repaint the underlying substrate with a professional finish. This makes your peeling vinyl wrap doors look like brandnew .
Peeling vinyl wrap doors – can you fix them?

Peeling vinyl wrap kitchen doors are an eyesore.Vinyl wrapped doors are a cost effective alternative to hardwood doors for kitchens and bathrooms. However even in brand new houses it does not take long until the vinyl starts peeling off the first door or drawer front. And these peeling vinyl wrap doors are an eyesore to […]

Kitchen Facelift ABC M Like Melamine
Kitchen Facelift ABC – M like Melamine

Most people have heard of it. Many have it in their kitchen but only few know what it actually is: Melamine. In this episode of our Kitchen Facelift ABC – M like Melamine we introduce you to “Melamine Faced Chipboard” or as most people know it Melamine. If you are wondering what melamine kitchen cabinets […]

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