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how to acvoid the new kitchen headache
How to Avoid the New Kitchen Headache

If you don’t want your new kitchen to give you a headache, you need to do your homework first. Of course, you have been shopping around, compared prices and value for money. But have you taken a look behind the scenes? Did you really get what you want? Or have you been brain washed by […]

Costs of painting your kitchen
Costs of painting your kitchen

Do you wonder what the costs of painting your kitchen are? Are you worried a new kitchen would cost you an arm and a leg? Keep calm and read on. At Dianella Polishing we can help you keep the price down. We broke down the costs of painting your kitchen into seven separate items (plus […]

How to save on your kitchen renovation quote

We know you don’t like to waste money on a kitchen renovation. The good news is you don’t have to. We offer our clients maximum participation. The more you do yourself, the more money you save. This way you can give your kitchen a makeover without compromising on quality. So read on to know how […]

Dianella Polishing tipps on what paint sheen to use for your project
What Paint Sheen To Choose For Your Kitchen

Paint does not only come in different colours and textures but also in several levels of shininess, called paint sheen. A gloss finish has been trendy for quite some years now, so it might soon be yesterday’s talk. Either way, fashion and trends are not always the best advisor when it comes to home design. […]

Painted Kitchen Cabinets look like brandnew
Painting my kitchen cabinets: Suitable materials

“Painting my kitchen cabinets’ is the number one renovation trend. Why would one throw out a perfectly good kitchen if all it needs is a fresh coat of paint? The advantages are obvious: One saves $$1,000; lots of time and avoids the mess in the house. If you think “I want my to paint my […]

A fresh coat of paint makes your kitchen look like brand-new for the fraction of the cost of buying a new one
Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets: 5 good reasons

You have read about Kitchen Cabinet Painting. It is the latest thing in home renovations.  You find it on every better home renovation blog. Cherry White recommends it on “Renovating for profit… Everyone is painting their kitchen cabinets. And you wonder why?! Here are the Top 5 reasons, why you should paint your kitchen cabinets […]

A shiny translucent look brings the inside out
Flag a feature and create a hint of luxury in your kitchen

Do you want to make the most of your open plan living? Fancy that shiny modern look? Learn how to avoid ripples, when going for high-gloss cabinets. Here are some things you want to consider when catching the light in your combined front room dining area. The modern light filled seafront loft is the latest […]

Kitchen Facelift ABC M Like Melamine
Kitchen Facelift ABC – M like Melamine

Most people have heard of it. Many have it in their kitchen but only few know what it actually is: Melamine. In this episode of our Kitchen Facelift ABC – M like Melamine we introduce you to “Melamine Faced Chipboard” or as most people know it Melamine. If you are wondering what melamine kitchen cabinets […]

Rather than wasting time and money trying to fix your peeling vinyl doors yourself, give us a call straight away. Our experienced kitchen consultants will meet you in your home and work together with you on finding the best solution for you to make your cabinets look new again.
How to prepare your property for sale

How to prepare your property for sale Property experts say the WA property market is about to recover. After the draught of the last couple of years many vendors are now desperate to sell for a good price. The Real Estate market is buzzing in summer. Lots of buyers are screening the market after the holidays […]

How To Give Your Kitchen A Makeover Under $3000

Are you on a tight budget? Are your preparing to sell your old charmer?  Or would you simply like your kitchen to look a bit more modern and less like a seventies eyesore? If you want a Kitchen Makeover under $3000 read on. The secret to an inexpensive kitchen facelift is to use your existing […]

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