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Renovate your investment Proiperty for profit
Renovate your investment property for profit

A make-over for your investment property can instantly increase your rental return and increase your property’s value; when done right. If you want to renovate your investment property for profit it is important that you understand your target market, set your budget, prioritise and think strategically. Read on to learn about these key factors to […]

zERO WASTE KITCHEN RENOVATIONS CONSIDER THE Eewnvironment and are a very affordable way to add value to your property.
Zero Waste Kitchen Renovation

Have you heard of the zero waste movement? We’ve been following the news and observed this emerging trend from a kitchen design point of view. What does zero waste mean for your kitchen design? How do you implement it to your kitchen? We have collected a few ideas to get you started on your zero […]

Kitchen resurfacing is an enviromentally friendly and cost effective way to give your kitchen a new life.
A guide to Kitchen Resurfacing

Does your kitchen look dated?  Is it still in good condition? Don’t throw it out. You can resurface them instead. Resurfacing is a cost-effective way to make your kitchen look like brand new for the fraction of the cost of getting a new one. Read on for a guide to Kitchen Resurfacing. Don’t toss out […]

If you want your Kitchen to lookm professionally, you need to paint it professionallu. At Dianella Polishing we take 7 steps to make sure, your kitchen gets a finish that lasts forever.
The seven steps to professionally paint your kitchen

At Dianella Polishing we paint your kitchen professionally with 2 pac paint, also known as polyurethane. Read on to learn about the seven steps to professionally paint your kitchen involved in transforming your outdated cabinets to a brand-new kitchen. And see and how we make sure your newly painted cabinets last ‘forever’ and withstand the […]

A fresh coat of paint makes your kitchen look like brand-new for the fraction of the cost of buying a new one
Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets: 5 good reasons

You have read about Kitchen Cabinet Painting. It is the latest thing in home renovations.  You find it on every better home renovation blog. Cherry White recommends it on “Renovating for profit… Everyone is painting their kitchen cabinets. And you wonder why?! Here are the Top 5 reasons, why you should paint your kitchen cabinets […]

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