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3 reasons to sell before the EOFY
3 reasons to sell before the EOFY

Should I sell or should I hold? Choosing the right time to put an investment property on the market is critical to reaping maximum financial benefits. With the end of the financial year (EOFY) fast approaching now is the time to get your house on the market. If you are unsure if it is worth […]

The Pros and cons of Spray painting kitchen cabinets
20 Steps of Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Don’t throw out the good with the bad. Instead of replacing your entire kitchen, you can re-paint it. Sounds like a good idea? Did you check Instagram? Found all the DIY heroes that just did it “in a weekend”. Well we hate to break the news to you but reality is: It will take you […]

handle less kitchens trend check - we have checked the latest hype in kitchen design for you and know how to best get the strewam line fresh design for your kitchen
Handle less Kitchens – Trend check

There is no trend like handle less cupboards in the world of home design. The minimalist style is the must have feature in a contemporary kitchen. If you want that elegant and unobstructed look, the sleek and organised design than you need to go handle less. Read on for our handle less kitchens trend check […]

The Pros and cons of Spray painting kitchen cabinets
Pros and Cons of Spray Painting Kitchens

Are your cupboards yellowing? Does your kitchen need a make-over? Is your vinyl peeling? Or maybe you need to update your shopfront? If you want quick and professional results, spray painting is your top choice. However spray painting is not for everyone. Here are the pros and cons of spray painting kitchens. Speed and Efficiency […]

a kitchen update is teh superior tool to improve your property prospects
Update Your Kitchen To Sell Faster

If you want to speed up the sale of your house, a kitchen renovation is your number one tool. You know that the kitchen is the single most important room to a potential home buyers. So a kitchen remodel used to be a great investment. However in the current market, everyone needs to be careful […]

Learn how to avoid the five most common mistakes when painting kitchen cabinets.
5 Mistakes When Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Call it Upcycling, Kitchen Makeover or Kitchen Facelift: Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and those DIY blogs are full off amazing before and after shots off DIY kitchen renovations. And it seems dead-easy too. A can of paint; a couple of paint brushes, and an afternoon later the fixer upper is turned into a rockstar entertainer kitchen. […]

painted kitchen doors
Vinyl Wrapped Kitchen – Pros and Cons

Vinyl wrapped kitchen doors are everywhere. Regardless if you are planning your new home; renovating your old house or just updating your kitchen: You will come across them. And more so, you will be tempted. Vinyl wrapped doors, aka thermos-foil doors are a popular option for kitchen, laundry and linen cabinets. We have taken a […]

If you want your Kitchen to lookm professionally, you need to paint it professionallu. At Dianella Polishing we take 7 steps to make sure, your kitchen gets a finish that lasts forever.
The seven steps to professionally paint your kitchen

At Dianella Polishing we paint your kitchen professionally with 2 pac paint, also known as polyurethane. Read on to learn about the seven steps to professionally paint your kitchen involved in transforming your outdated cabinets to a brand-new kitchen. And see and how we make sure your newly painted cabinets last ‘forever’ and withstand the […]

If your Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchen is Discoloured, Discontinued, Yellowing - we can help you. At Dianella Polishing we match and paint all kitchen colours, cabinets and styles.
Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchen Colour Trouble – SOLVED!

Discoloured, discontinued, disappointed! Clients contact us because they are less than happy with their Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchen. We call it the Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchen Colour Trouble. This is particularly the case with the Gloss White finish seems to be prune to turning yellow; very much to the dismay of unhappy house owners. Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchens […]

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