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The top five questions to ask your kitchen painter
The Top Five Questions To Ask Your Kitchen Painter

So you think you have found the kitchen painter of your choice, hold your horses and check them out. We have put together the top five questions to ask your kitchen painter or handyman before trusting him with your kitchen remodel. This quick and innocent checklist can save you thousands if not tens of thousands […]

Covid effects on kitchen cabinets
COVID effects on kitchen cabinets

COVID effects on kitchen cabinets? Corona Virus has affected all of us in many ways. Many lost their jobs. Others got their hours cut down. Almost everyone had to cancel their holidays. We learned how to work from home. Pubs were closed, parties and gatherings prohibited. We learned about social distancing and self-isolation. But could […]

Our Top 5 On How To De-Clutter Your Kitchen
Our Top 5: How To De-Clutter Your Kitchen

Cookbooks here, pantry staples there, coffee-mugs and crockery everywhere? Tupperware cascading out of your cupboards when you open the doors?  If you are tired about your messy kitchen and fancy a neat and clean look, we got you covered. Save your dollars on the Marie Kondo style so called experts. Here are Our Top 5: […]

Painted Kitchen Cabinets look like brandnew
Painting my kitchen cabinets: Suitable materials

“Painting my kitchen cabinets’ is the number one renovation trend. Why would one throw out a perfectly good kitchen if all it needs is a fresh coat of paint? The advantages are obvious: One saves $$1,000; lots of time and avoids the mess in the house. If you think “I want my to paint my […]

Kitchen Facelift ABC M Like Melamine
Kitchen Facelift ABC – M like Melamine

Most people have heard of it. Many have it in their kitchen but only few know what it actually is: Melamine. In this episode of our Kitchen Facelift ABC – M like Melamine we introduce you to “Melamine Faced Chipboard” or as most people know it Melamine. If you are wondering what melamine kitchen cabinets […]

Peeling Vinyl: It Can’t Be Fixed But It Can Be Replaced

A common question we receive from people looking to update and renovate their kitchen is: “How can I Fix Peeling Vinyl on my kitchen cupboards?’ Peeling vinyl is an frustrating and unappealing to downside to having vinyl wrapped cupboards. Vinyl is often the cheaper option when installing cupboards, and due to its wide range and […]

Renovating Your Rental: When is the Best Time?

Similar to owning the house you live in every day, a rental property needs ongoing care and upkeep. When a property is a rental, keeping maintenance costs to a minimum is imperative to ensure you make the most profit possible. A rental property facelift is a necessity but must not be pricey. At Dianella Polishing, […]

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