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How To Update Your Kitchen Benchtop

How To Update Your Kitchen Benchtop Replacing the kitchen benchtop can make a dramatic difference to the look of your kitchen. The kitchen benchtop is always visible and thus one of the most recognisable features. Choosing the right material is key for both your budget and your kitchen design. To help you with one of […]

Trigg Beach House Kitchen Facelift Saved Thousands of Dollars

Whether you’re looking for a kitchen that is on trend or timeless, a professional contractor can transform your dated kitchen and turn it into a modern gourmet space. Don’t toss out the good with the bad, at Dianella Polishing we thrive to work with your existing structure, giving your kitchen a very affordable, cost effective […]

Tips to Keep Your Rental Property Competitive

If you live in Perth, you have probably read or seen that the rental market is currently taking the favour of renters.  It does not matter if you are far north as Yanchep or down south in Mandurah. The growth in the property market over recent years has lead to the market being saturated in […]

DIY Renovations: 4 Places to Find Inspiration Online

Are you renovating your kitchen, bathroom or laundry and need some tips and tricks to help you with your project? The Internet provides a huge range of blog articles, social media sites and discussion forums which can help you with your DIY renovation project. Here we look at some of the best, most useful things on […]

5 Fast Kitchen Update Ideas

When your kitchen starts to seem boring and drab, it’s time for a kitchen update. If your kitchen cabinets, countertops and floors are still in good shape, there’s no need to get a whole new kitchen. Try making some of these small changes that have a big effect in renewing the look and feel of […]

Paint and Pinterest: Furniture Restoration Ideas

Do you have furniture that you inherited that you just love, but doesn’t match anything and looks outdated? Or does your husband have his favourite chair that he just won’t give up on? Figuring out how to restore outdated furniture can be confusing. It can be hard to envision what furniture can become. There’s a […]

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