Single Pac or Two Pac Paint: Which is Best for Your Project?

Date:  April 8, 2015


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Whether you’re creating a new kitchen from scratch, or updating the cupboards in your old one, the final finish on your cabinets will probably be one of the biggest decisions you will make.

If you have decided a painted kitchen is for you, it is important to understand the different types of paint finishing that you can choose, so that you are happy with the final product.

Single Pac Paint

Single Pac Paint is essentially the standard paint which is used to paint your house. Usually Acrylic based, Single Pac Paint is used along with a primer to refinish your existing cabinets.

Though Single Pac Paint can be a cheap D-I-Y project for your kitchen cabinets, most professional Cabinet Makers and Polishers will only use a more reliable and durable paint such as Two Pac Paint.

Two Pac Paint

Two Pac Paint gained its popularity from the automotive industry, due to its strength and durability. It combines two liquids (a resin or polymer and a hardening agent) which when paired together create a strong, longer lasting product that can be applied to your cabinets.

Why Choose Two Pac Paint?

If you’re looking for a professional, durable finish to your painted cabinets Two Pac Paint is your best choice. The paint incorporates a hardening agent, that is a stronger and more durable product than Single Pac Paint. This means your cabinets will stay looking newer for longer.

It is applied by spray gun, in a professional workshop and baked in an oven to speed up the hardening process. The paint itself is resistant to heat, water and chemicals. It’s an extremely smooth product and has the flexibility to be applied with a matt, gloss or satin finish. This gives you the flexibility to choose a finish that suits your taste and budget!

Two Pac Paint is available in almost any colour and can be colour matched to any existing paint work you may have. It is also easily repairable, so if your paint finish ever cracks or chips, it’s easy to fix up.

If you have any questions about Single Pac and Two Pac Paint, let us know below or contact us today!

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