Save money and the environment by repairing peeling vinyl wrapped doors

Date:  February 9, 2021


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Six reasons to repair peeling vinyl door: The first, Six good reasons to repair your peeling vinyl doors: the first you save money and the environment by repairing peeling vinyl wrapped doors.

New is better? Not if you care about the environment or your wallet. We give you six good reasons to repair your peeling vinyl-wrapped doors. Vinyl-wrapped kitchen cabinets are the cheapest choice when it comes to kitchen cabinetry. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. After a few years, normally latest after 7 years’ the vinyl wrapped doors start peeling. But don’t worry. You can save money and the environment by repairing peeling vinyl wrapped doors

1. Save money

New isn’t always better. Obviously, 7 years’ isn’t a long lifespan for a kitchen. By prolonging the lives of your kitchen cabinets, you save some serious cash. A new kitchen comes in anywhere between $7,000 for a real cheapo and $25,000 upwards for a custom-made kitchen. Repairing Peeling vinyl doors is lots cheaper. It costs only around $2,000 to $4,000, depending on the size of your kitchen. So you save at least $4,000, more likely $20,000.

2. Save resources

Repairing instead of replacing reduces the need for new materials not to mention the energy and labour. Glue, fibreboard, wood, energy – a new kitchen really takes up a lot of resources. So if you would like to reduce your carbon footprint repairing is the better way to go.

3. Belonging(s)

Belonging. A big emotion. It may sound weird at first to connect that deep feeling with your kitchen, more precisely your kitchen cabinetry. However, studies have shown that consumerism makes people feel lost. Online shopping, regular upgrades – everything is replaced instantly. When every item, every little (or big thing for that matter) is replaceable – it makes us feel just that: replaceable. So do yourself some good. Keep stuff and be a keeper. Loved things last longer.

So give your kitchen cabinets a new lease on life. Get to know the cupboards, drawers, and doors, when you dismantle them for repair and refinishing. Repairing your kitchen cabinetry strengthens your sense of ownership. Be amazed how using elbow grease helps forms that relation. Feel pride in “having done that.” Own it. Love it.  There is a reason why one used to say “belongings”…

4. Buy local, support our professionals

We do (now more than ever) want to strengthen our won economy.  We don’t want to be dependent on China. So let’s buy local, let’s support our tradies. A new kitchen might be assembled here, but chances are it is not “Made in WA”. Why spend ten thousands of dollars on a new kitchen from China, if you can support the company next door? The cabinetmaker, the spray-painter, the handyman, and the delivery driver will thank you, so you don’t only save money and the environment when repairing peeling vinyl doors, you also help a mate!

5. Reduce Landfill

It goes without saying: A whole kitchen dumped and replaced is a huge amount of waste, landfill. Waste rots, decomposes, releases harmful gases, and pollutes the water and the soil. Kitchen renovation waste contains building materials, plastic, paint, broken glass, concrete blocks, rubber seals, and broken bricks etc. Quite often all of that just gets dumped. Contractors are expected to remove it from site and that is what they do, they remove it and add it straight to landfill. Wasting our beautiful nature sites skip bin by skip bin. So put an end to it. Repair your kitchen and reduce

6. Save the value of your property

Last but not least: Vinyl-wrapped kitchens are a nuisance but most of the time they Are at least custom made for your property. Real estate agents estimate that a custom-made kitchen adds $30,000 to the property value compared to a cheapo kitchen from Bunnings or Ikea. So if you want to retain the value of your property, you definitely want to repair your custom-made vinyl-wrapped kitchen than replacing it entirely.

7. Save money and the environment by repairing peeling vinyl wrapped doors

Want to learn more on how to save money and the environment by repairing peeling vinyl-wrapped doors? Click here for our info on zero waste kitchen renovation Click here for more info on sustainability.

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