Pros and Cons of Spray Painting Kitchens

Date:  October 21, 2019


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The Pros and cons of Spray painting kitchen cabinets

Are your cupboards yellowing? Does your kitchen need a make-over? Is your vinyl peeling? Or maybe you need to update your shopfront? If you want quick and professional results, spray painting is your top choice. However spray painting is not for everyone. Here are the pros and cons of spray painting kitchens.

Speed and Efficiency

There is no doubt the speed of application is the number one advantage of spray painting. The turnaround time for a job is less than half compared to manual application. When painting large areas like kitchens or shop fronts, spray will get the job done quickly and accurately.  Less time means less labour for us and less inconvenience and wait time for you. This is a clear win-win situation.

Versatile applications

A wide range of materials are suitable for spray painting. Primers, stains and paints can be sprayed with a highly professional result. The high level of control that spray painting offers guarantees a superior coverage. Another advantage is, spray painting is suitable for almost every substrate. Laminate, pressed wood, fibreglass, metal and glass come out equally well.

Superior Finish

Commercial spray painting systems produce a superior finish. Applied at 6,000 pound per square inch the final coat is heat and scratch resistant and hard-wearing. Paint particles form tiny droplets and produce a smooth and even finish that dries quickly.

DIY Spray Painting Guns

Unfortunately there are pro’s and con’s of spray painting kitchens. Spray-painting is not for everyone. If you want to use an over the counter spray painting gun it needs to be well considered. Affordable DIY guns still cost around $700 and obviously aren’t as good or effective as professional gear.

Set-up time and paint usage

If you are looking into painting relatively small areas it needs to be well considered and calculated whether buying and setting up a spray painting gun it is worth your while and money. You need to allow for masking up and setting up. You have to watch out for runners. Poor techniques can lead to a 50 % higher paint usage. Cleaning spray guns is not a quick job either. Often enough, you end up losing money instead of saving any.

Controlled environment

Any environmental factors like wind, heat, rain or cold weather can mess up your project instantly. You obviously don’t want paint mist to be blown by the wind to undesired areas. But neither can you mask up your whole house and garden. So beginners and DIY’lers are best advised to leave spray painting to the professionals, who not only have the right equipment and set-up, but also know what they are doing.

Want to know more about the Pros and Cons of Spray-Painting Kitchens?

If you want to know more about the pros and cons of spray painting kitchens, click here and follow this link to learn about the 20 steps of spray painting kitchen cabinets. At Dianella Polishing we are proud of our purposely build Wangara workshop and our dedicated 2-pac-paint spray booths.  We work in climate and dust-controlled environments to guarantee the professional finish you deserve. And most importantly our team of industry trained professional spray painters is dedicated to their job. We listen to our clients and ensure their project is undertaken within budget and timeframes. Do not hesitate to come around. Our facilities are open during business hours and Trevor and Tim will be delighted to show you through the factory. Click here to book an appointment or simply give us a call on +61 8 9303 2176.

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