Peeling vinyl wrap doors – can you fix them?

Date:  October 17, 2018


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Vinyl wrap doors usually peel after about 5 years of use. You can not fix them or glue them back - but fortunately it is easy to remove the vinyl wrap and repaint the underlying substrate with a professional finish. This makes your peeling vinyl wrap doors look like brandnew .

Peeling vinyl wrap kitchen doors are an eyesore.Vinyl wrapped doors are a cost effective alternative to hardwood doors for kitchens and bathrooms. However even in brand new houses it does not take long until the vinyl starts peeling off the first door or drawer front. And these peeling vinyl wrap doors are an eyesore to say the least. On average it only takes 5 years for the edges of kitchen cabinets to start lifting.

Gluing back peeling vinyl wrap doors damages the substrate

Gluing back peeling vinyl with over the counter glue - a short term fix and a bad idea.

An easy fix? If you glue back peeling vinyl you destroy the door.

At Dianella Polishing we get asked all the time: “Can’t I just glue it back on?” Customers call us because the vinyl wrap of their cabinets is coming off in one piece. “Can you fix it?” they ask. Unfortunately we can’t and won’t. It is impossible to guarantee the quality of the workmanship and it would damage the substrate, the actual door or drawer material underneath the vinyl wrap.

We know you are tempted to just glue it back yourself. “Can you fix it?”

“Yes you can”, say the bloggers on YouTube. You pop over to Bunnings and buy some vinyl glue and glue back the peeling vinyl wrap doors. Or maybe you just use the contact glue you still got left in the cupboard.

A DIY finish looks unprofessional

Works a treat!? Unfortunately it does not. You hope your repair will last a couple of years until you get the whole kitchen re-done. Truth is: It often barely lasts a year. Once you have temporarily fixed one door, the next ones follow. The finish of your DIY fix will look unprofessional and worst of all, once you used over the counter glue on your doors, or drawer fronts – they most often are ruined.

Over the counter vinyl glue destroys your cabinets

Vinyl glue, enamel based paint as well as water based paints will unfortunately cause chemical reactions and chemical bonds. These won’t allow the application of two-pac paint anymore. You will need to get brand-new doors made by a cabinetmaker. These cost lots more than just peeling, prepping and painting your existing door. This is particularly pricey if you have routed doors.

However even if you have already tried to fix some of your peeling vinyl wrapped kitchen cabinets, not all is lost. There is  good news. Getting the doors remade by our cabinetmaker and painted to match the rest of your kitchen will still be a fraction of the cost of getting all cabinets re-made from scratch.

Four options to fix peeling vinyl kitchen cabinets

So what is the go, if your vinyl wrapped kitchen cabinets are peeling? You basically have four options.

Option number 1: Strip all the vinyl of all doors, drawer fronts and end panels and get them re-painted in your preferred finish.

Option number 2: If you can’t afford to get your kitchen cabinets repaired professionally at the moment and need a quick fix, this is our recommendation.  Use use hidden tape to hold the vinyl wrap and the substrate together. This will buy you time until you are have the funds for your kitchen makeover.

Option number 3: Read this article too late? Are some of your kitchen cabinets already glued back together? Than drop us an email with the measurements and our cabinetmaker will get you a quote to get them re-manufactured.

Option number 4: Rip out the entire kitchen and get a brand new quality kitchen designed.

Do you want to know, if we can fix your peeling vinyl cabinets? Simply give us a ring on: +61 8 9303 2176 to arrange for an obligation free visit or request a quote online here:

6 responses to “Peeling vinyl wrap doors – can you fix them?”

  1. chris scott says:

    Peeling vinyl wrap doors drawers in kitchen
    what to do in Dawesville WA

  2. Christine Mccormick says:

    Thank you so much

    • Nadia says:

      Hi Christine, we are glad we could be helpful. Feel free to give us a buzz if you have any more questions. Kind regards, Your Dianella Polishing team.

  3. Gabrielle Dunn-Karakaya says:

    We are preparing our house for sale and have a kitchen drawer that has a part of the vinyl wrap missing. Is it possible to have the vinyl wrap replaced to a close colour?

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