Painting Timber Kitchen Cabinets: Do-it-yourself or Professional’s Job?

Date:  September 8, 2014


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You’ve seen them. Terribly painted timber kitchens–some turning that dreadful yellow colour, whilst others look like an afternoon art project gone wrong! You’ve silently cringed while promising to never subject your family and friends to the same horror.

Now, the time has come. You’re ready to revamp your timber kitchen cabinets, but you need to do it without breaking the bank. Painting your timber kitchen is the most cost-effective way to update, as long as it looks good when it’s finished. The big question is… should you paint it yourself or leave it to the professionals? Here are some ideas to consider before making your decision.

You’ve got the paint! You’ve read the DIY blogs! What could go wrong?

1. Hair.

It will stick the to paint before you even realise it’s there. Think of how quickly dust and pet hair accumulate in your house. It will collect on the newly painted surface before it has time to dry. Turning on an air conditioner and running a vacuum, circulates it even more in your home. That’s precisely why professional painters paint in heavily controlled environments.

2. Warranty.

If you paint, you have no one to blame but yourself for mistakes. And those mistakes could be costly. If you are going to do it yourself, make sure you know what you are doing, so it’s done right the first time. If you get a professional to paint, make sure you get a warranty in case it doesn’t come out the way it was promised.

3. Time.

Painting timber kitchen cabinets correctly requires hours of planning, removing, preparing, painting, drying, and re-installing. If you are doing it yourself and this is your first time painting cabinets, it will take you much longer than a professional to complete the job. Add up the time it will take to figure out if you have enough time to do it correctly.

4. Repairs.

Imperfections in your timber cabinets are easier to see once they are painted over. It’s important to repair and sand imperfections properly before painting so the new painted surface is smooth. There is no short-cut when making repairs correctly.

5. Skill.

Be honest with yourself. Are you a weekend-home-project-warrior equipped with every tool for every trade, or do you usually end up trying and failing then calling a professional to fix it? When it comes to painting timber kitchen cabinets, mistakes could mean all of your cabinets will need to be painted again, costing even more in the long-run. Honesty pays off.

What’s worse than an out-dated timber kitchen? An out-dated timber kitchen with a shoddy paint job. It is more expensive to fix a botched paint job than to just get it done professionally the first time. Get a quote or two from a professional painter and then add up the costs of doing it yourself. Be honest about your skills and abilities when it comes to painting. Lastly, weigh your options before you make a final decision.

Good luck with your new kitchen!

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