Why is Painting Kitchen Cabinets Difficult?

Date:  January 21, 2015


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What’s all the fuss about? Art class was a breeze. Painting the dog house was easy enough. It couldn’t be that hard to paint kitchen cabinets, right? Read on to learn some factors that make painting kitchen cabinets a bit more difficult.


Many people think painting kitchen cabinets is as easy as painting walls. Walls are large flat surfaces which allow paint to be applied with a roller, ensuring an even distribution of paint. Cabinets have smaller surfaces, usually with recessed panels and knobs. These edges, corners and holes make it more difficult to create a smooth, even finished surface. Paint if not applied correctly, can build up in corners or splash onto the wrong surfaces. Painting cabinets is much more tedious than walls.

Noticeable Flaws

Paint for walls is usually a matt paint that is more forgiving to imperfections. Walls can even be painted with a texture paint that hides almost all flaws. If there are scratches or marks on walls, they can easily be covered or easily overlooked.

Paint for kitchen cabinets can vary, but many of the finishes show imperfections. A high gloss finish will show even the slightest imperfection. A semi gloss finish will highlight any flaws as well. It’s imperative to have a smooth surface and the right painting technique, so shiny cabinet finishes don’t show any irregularities such as paint build up or scratches.


People look closely at kitchen cabinets and overlook walls. Kitchen cabinets are touched, opened and viewed up-close by people. When buyers inspect a house, a kitchen is scrutinised. Buyers open drawers and cabinets to check the quality of work because they know it’s expensive to re-do.

Kitchen cabinets are a fixture in a house. They go with the house and therefore become a part of the consideration of a home’s value. A botched painted wall is easy to re-do. Botched cabinets are not.

Quality Control

Painting kitchen cabinets really should be equated with painting a car. Just like cars, kitchen cabinets need to be painted in controlled environments, to ensure the finish is not compromised. Would you paint your car yourself? Of course not. (Well, most people wouldn’t anyway). Why? Painting a car yourself is difficult and ultimately affects the value of the car. The same holds true for kitchen cabinets.

Considering getting your kitchen cabinets done by a professional? Read more about why it’s so important to get the right team together.

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