Painting inside of kitchen Cabinets: Should you do it?

Date:  April 19, 2022


Categories:  Kitchen Facelift, Painting

Male hand opening white top cabinet door in the kitchen

Most people focus on painting kitchen doors and frames, but are unsure what to do about the inside of the cabinet doors. This topic is not widely covered, but it’s important because you can avoid disappointment if you understand the pros and cons of painting kitchen doors inside. We want to solve this mystery right here. Learn how to sidestep some common painting mistakes to avoid unnecessary costs, chipped paint and disappointment. Painting inside of kitchen Cabinets: Should you do it? Read below to find out.

Male hand opening white top cabinet door in the kitchen

Painted cabinets for a fresh kitchen look

Painting your kitchen doors, drawers and cabinetry is a perfect way to give your kitchen a brand-new look. When you tackle this project with professionals like the friendly team from Dianella Polishing, it can be a surprisingly affordable alternative to buying a new kitchen.

White is undoubtedly a colour with classic good looks. “It is the most popular colour for kitchen finishing”, says Tim, Foreman at Dianella Polishing. It’s minimalist, super elegant and classy and timeless in design. White serves well as a clean background, allowing other colours to stand out. But painting the inside of your cabinets white is a big no-no. Why? Let’s see why the specialists from Dianella Polishing recommend avoiding painting inside kitchen cabinets.

Why you should skip painting the inside

First of all, consider that you will only see the inside of your kitchen cabinet when you open the door. Most of the time, painting the face will suffice. Commonly, people choose not to paint Kitchen cabinets on the inside. Here are our top reasons you should not paint the interior of your kitchen cabinets.

  • The inside is already protected. Did you know that generally the inside of your kitchen cabinets are already covered with laminate? The laminate, often is in neutral white and protects from scratching. If you decide to paint over the laminate, you will expose the interior door to unnecessary surface scratches.
  • Be aware of high costs.  If you paint both sides of your kitchen doors, each side will need to be painted individually and masking up in between coats will be required to stop any overspray. Cost will increase due to additional time taken, extra labour costs and more materials (paint and undercoat) required.
  • The paint may damage. If we paint the interior of your kitchen doors, keep in mind that the paint may get chipped or damaged, due to being continually knocked or scratched from plates, glasses, pots etc. Your paint will be chipped in no time and we wouldn’t want that!

These are our reasons why we recommend painting the exterior of your kitchen doors only and avoid painting the inside. If you have questions concerning your kitchen, we are happy to help you make a good decision.

Want a specific colour? Let us match it.

Is your kitchen looking old and tired? Is the vinyl wrap peeling off your kitchen? Do you want to change the colour? Good news: We are experts in kitchen finishing and can match any colour so you can enjoy a refreshed kitchen look. We specialise in spray painting and are happy to help you find the matching colour, or a new colour! Please contact our friendly team, who are always glad to help you out. We are Perths leading service provider for kitchen finishing. Call us on (08) 9303 2176 or contact us here.

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