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Date:  September 25, 2019


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how to paint vinyl wrap kitchens

Vinyl kitchens are beautiful at first but soon enough disappoint, when they start to peel. This usually happens after 5-7 years’. Hardly anyone can afford to buy a new kitchen every seven years. So here is what to do instead: Paint your vinyl kitchen cabinets. However you don’t want to kill your kitchen completely by doing it yourself. Read on to learn how to professionally paint your vinyl kitchen.

Can we paint your vinyl kitchens?

Good news and bad news. Good news is, there is a paint that is ideal to paint kitchen cabinets: 2-pac paint. More good news: You can use 2-pac to paint vinyl kitchens. The not so good, or bad news: You cannot apply 2-pac paint yourself. 2-pac paint needs to be applied in a climate controlled and dust proof environment. Therefore this is a job that’s best left to professionals with a professional set-up.

Reputable painting company

If you have decided you want to give your kitchen a new life, make sure you get a couple of quotes first. The prices vary considerably. However the quality does too. At Dianella Polishing we have decades of experience in painting kitchen cabinets. Our workshop is set up for the sole purpose of spraying 2-pac paint. Our staff are trained industry professionals and our work comes with a 10 year warranty. This does not come cheap as chips, however it is quality work that you can rely on and that is surprisingly affordable compared to a brand-new kitchen.

Why you need a quote

Every kitchen is different and so is every job. We only charge for the actual cost and work occurring. That is why we come out and quote every job individually. This is part of our customer service. And no worries; we don’t charge for it. We need to look at your kitchen to know what needs doing. And we also need to talk to you to learn what suits your needs best. This is why we come out for obligation – free quote appointments. Depending on your needs and funds available – we will offer you several options with more or less participation of your own.

The preparation steps

If you decide to go ahead the first step is to clean your kitchen cabinets thoroughly. Grease and cooking debris are often stuck on top of kitchen cabinets and need to be removed prior to the re-model of your kitchen. In a second step you remove the cabinet doors, drawers and all hardware. It is important to label all pieces that you take apart to make sure you put them back together the right way.

Removing the peeling vinyl

Before we can paint your kitchen cabinets, doors and drawer fronts all the vinyl needs to be removed. It is easy to just lift the vinyl and take it off where the sheets have already started to lift. You probably noticed this by chance when you lifted up the edges. But no worries it is almost as easy on those door fronts that still seem intact. And to make it even easier, we have prepared a nice video showing you how to do it here.

Pick-up off your kitchen for painting

Once the doors and drawer fronts are degreased, dismantled and the vinyl has been peeled off, the parts of your kitchen are almost ready for painting. Simply arrange a pick-up time with Trevor and Tim, or drop them off at our Wangara workshop yourself and we get ready to paint your vinyl kitchens.

How we paint your vinyl kitchens

Once the kitchen hits our workshop we will sand it, prime it and apply multiple layers of paint. This usually takes around two weeks to allow enough drying time in between layers and make sure that you get a long lasting superb finish.  If desired we can fill in holes from your door handles or fixtures to allow you to upgrade the cabinet front to more modern handles too. Just check with Trevor and Tim, when they come to quote on your kitchen.

Drop off of your kitchen and re-assembly

Once the kitchen is done we arrange to drop the kitchen back to your home, if this is your preferred choice, or you can pick it up at the workshop. Reassembly is made easy with the notes from dissembling your kitchen. A few hours later you can lean back and be amazed by your “as new” kitchen.

Ready to go? Give us a call on (08) 9303 2176 or click here book a quote appointment.

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