Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets: 5 good reasons

Date:  July 22, 2019


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A fresh coat of paint makes your kitchen look like brand-new for the fraction of the cost of buying a new one

You have read about Kitchen Cabinet Painting. It is the latest thing in home renovations.  You find it on every better home renovation blog. Cherry White recommends it on “Renovating for profit… Everyone is painting their kitchen cabinets. And you wonder why?! Here are the Top 5 reasons, why you should paint your kitchen cabinets

You make your kitchen look like brand new

It is stating the obvious; if you paint your kitchen cabinets you can make them look like brand-new. If your kitchen is a bit tacky but functional, painting the kitchen cabinets can make a world of a difference.  Does your kitchen still feature the 1970ies screamer orange or just a grandma cream-white with a hint of yellow? Are your almost new vinyl wrapped cupboards peeling? A professional coat of paint will make you wonder if it is still the same kitchen.

Paint your kitchen cabinets & save lots of money

A new kitchen costs anything from $15,000 upwards. Why spend a fortune if your old kitchen still works fine? To paint your kitchen cabinets is a little bit like washing your favourite pair of jeans. It makes them fit nice and tight again and they are bright and fresh. Same for your kitchen. Just you don’t wash it, you paint it. Painting the kitchen cabinets removes the shades, colours and smells of the past and makes your cabinets look fresh and modern.

You avoid all the dirt and mess that comes with a full blown renovation

A full blown renovation involves a lot. You have dust and dirt everywhere. Tradies going in and out for weeks and to add worst, you cannot use your kitchen during all that time. Painting your kitchen cabinets avoids most of this mess. Your kitchen stays fully functional during the painting process and you don’t have tradies come and go either. A neat and clean way of getting a ‘new” kitchen.

You save the environment because there is virtually no waste

The War On Waste is on. Everyone tries his and her best to avoid waste these days. So what is the point in refusing the plastic straw, using re-usable bags and bringing your own containers to the shop if you throw out a whole kitchen? Re-fuse, Re-use, & Re-cycle your kitchen too. No reason or point in throwing out a whole kitchen if it has a great layout and is fully functional. Re-fuse a brand-new kitchen and all the waste that comes with it (think packaging, off-cuts, your old kitchen). Re-use the drawers, runners, and cabinets. Re-cycle your drawer fronts and cabinet doors with a fresh coat of paint.

Increase the value of your property and attract more buyers / tenants

The kitchen is the very heart of every home. An outdated kitchen decreases your property value by at least $30,000. Potential buyers do not only take into account the cost for a brand-new kitchen but also the hassle they will have and the time and nerves it will cost them. In today’s market you simply cannot afford an old and tacky looking kitchen. Same counts for rental properties. The days have changed. It is a buyers’ market and a tenants market. If you want your rental to stay competitive, you need to update your kitchen and laundry cabinets.A fresh coat of paint is the quickest and most affordable option to make your cabinets look brand-new.

Do you know more good reasons to paint your kitchen? Do you want to paint your kitchen cabinets? Have you completed your kitchen renovation with us? We love to hear your story! Comment below or drop us an email to

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