My Vinyl Cabinets Are Peeling: Now What?

Date:  October 17, 2016


Categories:  Renovating

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If your home was built since the 1980s, chances are you might have a vinyl wrapped kitchen. Known for their affordability and variety of colours, vinyl wrap became a popular kitchen covering option. Fast forward 20+ years and vinyl wrap is still being used in homes today. However, kitchens, bathroom and laundry cabinets that are covered in vinyl wrap will often start experiencing peeling after about 8 to 10 years of installation. The reason for this is simple, the glue which is used to hold to vinyl to the underlying MDF is only made to last about 10 years, after which it loses its stick and begins to peel.

Don’t Panic If You Have a Peeling Vinyl Kitchen

When faced with a peeling vinyl kitchen it’s important not to panic. Though peeling vinyl isn’t the most attractive look for your cabinets, more damage can be done by trying to fix the cabinets than speaking directly with the professional.

What To Do When Your Vinyl Peels

So what should you do when the vinyl on your cabinets begins to peel?

Do not sticky tape or glue down the bits of the vinyl that are peeling. Trying to stick down the peeling vinyl will cause more damage, and expense in the long run.

Call the professionals! When vinyl begins to peel your first call should be to Dianella Polishing. Our experienced rep will come out to your property and assess the damage. He will then be able to point you in the right direction on getting your cabinets looking new again.

After calling Dianella Polishing and speaking to a rep, you might ask yourself what happens next?

Stripping and Re-Painting your Peeling Vinyl Cabinets

The Dianella Polishing rep will advise you whether your cabinets can be painted. If they are able to be painted, you will be given instructions on how to safely remove the peeling vinyl yourself. This will save you time, and money in the renovation process.

Once the peeling vinyl has safely been removed the doors, edges and draw faces will be taken to the Dianella Polishing warehouse to undergo our special glue removing process. This will ensure your cabinets are glue free and ready to be painted.

The cabinets will then be painted in our environmentally controlled warehouse with high quality two pac paint.

Finally, once the new paint has dried your cabinets will be delivered back to you ready to be reinstalled. No peeling vinyl, no excess glue, and no paint fumes from being painted in house.

When vinyl begins to peel the process to get it fixed can seem daunting. But don’t panic, Dianella Polishing are here to help and our rep will make the process as easy to understand as possible. Do you have any questions about peeling vinyl? Let us know in the comments below.

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