Reality Rules: Misconceptions About At Home Renovation Shortcuts

Date:  April 27, 2016


Categories:  Renovating, Tips

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The last few years has seen an overwhelming hype and popularity of home renovation shows such as The Block and Reno Rumble. These shows give great insight into the the highs and lows that come with renovating a home. Though renovation reality television does provide a lot of great tips for renovating, it also provides a number of misconceptions regarding your kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovations. We have often talked about how easy it is to save money on your kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovations by getting your cabinets refinished instead of replaced. Renovation TV shows often show kitchen cabinets being refinished within the home. Though this is a viable, cheaper alternative to replacing your kitchen – there can be a number of issues that come with in-house cabinet refinishing.


Uncontrolled Environment

You wouldn’t paint your car at home – why would you paint your kitchen cabinets? Painting cabinets within the home provides an environment that cannot be controlled. This increases the risk of dust and dirt getting trapped under the paint and drying. Once dry, it is extremely difficult to remove this dirt.


Can You Smell Paint?

Paint has an extremely distinct smell, and it’s one that can almost last a lifetime. If you get your cabinets painted at home, the smell of the professional paint will often leave not only your kitchen, but your entire home smelling like paint for a long time. Though the kitchen, bathroom or laundry is often sealed off for the painting process, the fumes from the paint can still escape and attach to furniture, walls and even you carpet.


Ventilation, Safety Procedures and Speciality Equipment

Having cabinets painted is a professional service. It requires special ventilation, safety procedures and speciality equipment. Though safe, there is always a risk when utilising the painting process. In Australia, it is not deemed unsafe to have your cabinets painted at your home. However, if the proper ventilation and equipment isn’t used it can be considered unsafe for your family and home. Why risk it? Leave professional painting up to the professionals to carry out in our purposely designed workshop.


Dianella Polishing remove the cabinet doors and side panels from your home before professionally painting them in our warehouse and paint booths. A professional warehouse is a controlled environment which ensures there is will no dirt or dust that could get trapped in your job. This means you will have a beautifully professionally painted kitchen, without the risk. Having your cabinets painted at a professional polish shop, also means your house won’t be left smelling like fresh paint. It is also a much safer alternative to at home paint jobs.


Do you have any questions or comments about getting your kitchen, bathroom or laundry repainted? Let us know in the comments below!

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