Know Your Renovating Rights

Date:  July 25, 2016


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Know your renovating rights when starting a new project

When it comes to home renovations almost everyone has heard or experienced first hand some type of horror story. Unfortunately, this is the same in any industry which relies heavily on quality craftsmanship and experienced tradesmen. Not all suppliers provide the same standard. Know your renovating rights as a customer. Research the industry standards. Know who can help you if something goes wrong. This is extremely important for peace of mind when you renovate your home. Below we discuss some of the most common queries we have heard of in regards to kitchen renovations and offer some advice on where to find more information.

Scratches, chips and markings

Renovating is messy. The work is risky. Damage to your kitchen happens. It is important to understand what damage, even if it is slight damage, is considered acceptable wear and tear, and what is not acceptable. The Housing Industry Association (HIA) provide guides on their website regarding whether a scratch or chip is acceptable throughout the construction process.You can buy this guide through the HIA website. Do you want to know whose fault a damage is legally speaking? The depth, length and width of a scratch are the indicators. Other signs are marking are and the level of damage to a cabinet. If you find your cabinets are damaged throughout the installation process, speak directly with your cabinet maker or polish shop to discuss the outcome with respect to the HIA guidelines. If you can not come to an agreeable solution contact the HIA directly to discuss your claim.

What is the warranty on your kitchen?

Your new kitchen comes with different warranties. These depend on what you have had renovated. For example the paint itself is under warranty. This is the case when kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets are painted by a professional polishing shop. Dianella Polishing is a registered painting business.  We warrant all our work. We also guarantee the quality of our materials.  Therefore the supplier of the paint is the company who provides you with your warranty. Different product suppliers will have different rules and have a different spectrum on what its warranty covers. It is important whether you are working with a cabinet maker, or polish shop directly to ask about who is supplying the paint and what does their warranty cover you for before the job is completed and installed.

Depending on whether you complete parts of the renovation work yourself or utilise contractors, your kitchen might be covered under different warranties. Therefore it is important to ask questions and read the paperwork regarding your renovations. Know what is covered and what isn’t.

More information on renovating rights and industry standards

If you are having issues with your kitchen renovations, speak directly with your contractor at first instance. Issue not fixed? Contact the Housing Industry Association. They will point you in the right direction to get your issues resolved. The HIA provides an industry standard for a number of topics relating to home building and home renovations. They act as a governing body on any potential issues that may arise.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to send us your questions below!

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