Know the Signs: When it’s Time to Upgrade Your Cabinets

Date:  September 5, 2016


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What motivates a homeowner to update the kitchen cabinets? When do you have to update the kitchen cabinets and upgrade your kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets? Sometimes it’s difficult to determine the difference between your home needing a little upkeep and TLC or a proper renovation. Here are some handy hints on the tell tale signs of  cabinet aging. Learn when it’s time to update the kitchen cabinets and get started on renovating your kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets.

Peeling vinyl

An obvious sign that you need to update the kitchen cabinets is when the vinyl beginning to peel. Vinyl cabinets became extremely popular in home decor in the 1990s. As a cheap alternative to a painted or timber kitchen, vinyl cabinets are installed in homes all over the country. Though vinyl cabinets often look great. The biggest issue with them is that they begin to peel. It does not matter how well you look after your cabinets. After roughly 10 to 15 years the glue which is used to apply the vinyl to the underlying MDF will lose its adhesiveness. Unfortunately this can’t be avoided as the glue which is used does not have a long standing life span.

It Starts at the Corners

The first signs of peeling vinyl will often show on the corners and edges of the cabinets. The need to update the kitchen cabinets starts at the corners and edges. Cabinets are the most utilised part of your kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Once the peeling process has begun, there is no way to stop it. However, peeling cabinets do not mean the cabinets need to be replaced. The peeling vinyl can be removed. And the doors can go through a special process to remove the excess glue. You can do this yourself. The cabinets can then be painted to whatever finish best suits your home decor. Finally you can reinstall them back in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry,

White vinyl changes to yellow

When vinyl cabinets haven’t been maintained to the correct standard over a long period of time, eventually they will begin to discolour and turn yellow. The three main reasons why this occurs is due to heavily sunlight, cooking and food particles or a faulty product being installed originally. Similar to peeling vinyl, once discolouration begins it is a difficult process to stop. Though discolouration does not hinder the use of cabinets, it is often a sign that you need to update the kitchen cabinets it might be time to refinish your cabinets to give them new life. The kitchen, bathroom and laundry are some of the best utilised rooms in the house, and often where you spend a large amount of your time. So if you notice the cabinets turning yellow, maybe give Dianella Polishing a call.

General wear and tear

We are all guilty of slamming a cupboard shut every now and then, or maybe forgetting to put the exhaust fan on in the kitchen or bathroom. Not to mention the countless meals that have been prepared for your family in your kitchen, or the number of times you’ve opened the laundry cabinet to get soap for the washing. Your home is made to be lived in, and with that comes the general wear and tear of life. After years of living in your home the cabinets will begin to lose the shine they once had. It is time to update the kitchen cabinets. Sometimes cabinets don’t need to have anything wrong with them to be refreshed, they have just been well used and need a facelift.

If you have any questions regarding to when you should start considering to upgrade your cabinets, let us know in the comments below.

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