Kitchen Renovation vs. Finishing

Date:  April 5, 2022


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New Kitchen

Kitchen Renovation vs. Finishing: What´s the difference?

Just moved into your dream home? But your kitchen is in urgent need of a makeover? Nothing looks worse than a tired old kitchen, or a kitchen with peeling vinyl wrap cabinets and drawers. Don’t worry; thousands of Australians feel the same each year. Suppose you cannot afford to buy a new kitchen; there are other ways to restore your kitchen’s good looks. If you want to save time and money, renovating or refinishing your kitchen may be a good option. Kitchen Renovation vs. Finishing: What´s the difference? Find the right option for you. 

Renovating a kitchen

All full kitchen renovation generally means that the existing cabinet framework is removed and replaced typically with MDF, veneer, laminate, or thermofoil. Replacing all of your kitchen cabinets causes a mess when everything is removed from the walls and floor. A better option may be to refinish or restyle your kitchen, which only involves the front of your cabinets and drawers. Resurfacing is definitely a  cheaper option than replacing your entire kitchen with a new one!

Renovating a Kitchen

Refinishing a kitchen

Refinishing is the most cost-effective and quickest way to rejuvenate your kitchen. Especially if your kitchen cupboards are structurally sound, refinishing is your first choice.

When you refinish your kitchen cabinets, you keep all the components of your existing cabinets. This is much cheaper than replacing them. The team of experts from Dianella Polishing specialises in kitchen refinishing and can change the color of your existing kitchen or the finish. How does it work? The existing finish is hand-sanded or if it is a vinyl wrap kitchen the vinyl is removed from the existing doors and drawers. Trevor, the Manager at Dianella Polishing, sums it up perfectly. “Peeling off the vinyl wrap is like peeling a banana.” Once that process is completed, the team applies a 2-PAC paint, a brand new finish to the doors and drawers. Kitchen finishing at Dianella Polishing is cost-effective and fast. You can afford the new look you always wanted, plus save extra money for your family or yourself!

New Kitchen

A clever way to achieve extra savings

If you want to save extra money, Trevor can show you how easy it is to do the prep work of your kitchen yourself. “The more you do, the cheaper it gets”, says Trevor. Take the doors and drawers off yourself to save extra time and money. Of course, the more doors and drawers you have, the longer it will take you to remove them. But the savings are significant. Once you are ready, Trevor will come and pick them up for you. They will get sanded back and prepared for painting in the specialised Wangara factory before applying the brand new finish. You will have your shiny refurbished kitchen back within two to three weeks! 

Why customers love Dianella Polishing

At Dianella Polishing, the team offers the expertise to work effectively and swiftly. They use 2-PAC paint, the highest quality paint only. 2-PAC paints are popular in the kitchen renovation industry because of their durability qualities. It has clear advantages over household paint. Costs for kitchen refinishing are under 1/3 of a new kitchen, and at the same time, you add thousands of dollars of value to your home. If you have a vinyl wrap kitchen or a timber kitchen you want to upgrade, get in touch with the Dianella Polishing team. Enjoy premium results that add value to your home. Find out more about how the team from Dianella Polishing can help you on our website or get in touch with our friendly team. Call (08) 9303 2176 or click here. 

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