Kitchen Facelift ABC – S like Soft Close Drawers

Date:  May 1, 2018


Categories:  Tips

The soft close mechanism can be installed on drawers and cabinets throughout your home. However the kitchen is probably the area that most often gets upgraded. The reason is that the kitchen gets used most of all rooms. Cabinet doors and drawers experience high usage too.

What are soft close drawers

Soft close drawers, or more precisely the soft closing mechanism added to drawers, acts like a shock absorber to drawers and cabinet doors. So even when they get slammed shut, they close silently and smoothly. The soft close mechanism takes over before the door or drawer is completely shut and softly closes it without the bang. It is a little feature installed inside the drawers and cabinets. Because of its many advantages it has become increasingly popular.

Advantages of soft close drawers

The main advantage of soft close drawers and soft close doors is the reduced noise. The doors and drawers are not slammed anymore. Even if you try hard, or the wind gets behind a cabinet door, your cabinet doors close silently. This is particularly great if you have glass door cabinets, as they easily get damaged when slammed too hard or too often.

Improves the longevity of your cabinets

Thanks to the soft close mechanism your hardware will last longer. The soft close mechanism reduces the stress on hinges and doors, as it ensures that the doors and drawers close neatly.

Kids’ safety feature

If you have little ones, soft close drawers are a no brainer: No more tears. No more tiny fingers getting pinched when exploring cabinets and drawers. It is almost impossible to get caught in between doors, or shutting drawers when you have soft-close mechanisms installed. It closes your doors softly with plenty of time for even the littlest fingers to get out of the way.

Drawer content stays in its place

Another great benefit of soft close drawers is they keep the content of the drawers in place. Abrupt and speedy closing of the drawers often messes up the content. The soft-close mechanism not only keeps your drawer content neat and tidy but also protects those fragile little things from breakage.

The soft close feature is a great way to add a bit of luxury to your kitchen or bathroom. We usually recommend them because of their many advantages. They can also be an attractive selling point if you decide to sell your home in the future.

If you are planning your kitchen facelift, contact Dianella Polishing today and we will get our friendly cabinetmakers to pop around and check your kitchen cabinets. They can recommend how to update to soft close drawers and what to look out for.



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