How to Prolong Your Kitchen From Going Out of Style

Date:  June 23, 2015


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Have you ever seen a solid pine kitchen from the 1970s? It is usually paired with some colourful door knobs, an outrageous brightly coloured counter top and some sort of paisley printed wall tiles. When you walk into a house and see a kitchen with pine cabinets and colourful countertops, it will usually scream 1970s to you. It’s very obviously a dated kitchen.

Similar to fashion, kitchen decor and styling changes with the seasons, the years and the decades. Just like shoulder pads and big hair can be attributed to the fashion in the 1980s, pine cabinets and colourful bench tops can easily be associated with the 1970s.

So what do you do if you want a kitchen that doesn’t date? Or at least, if it does date you know that it still might last the test of time a little more than some of the kitchens of previous decades.

The answer is relatively easy – choose a kitchen theme that won’t go out of fashion. Classic, timeless, fresh kitchens can easily be achieved by keeping in mind a few key ideas when planning your next kitchen.

Keep It Simple, Keep It Classic

Sure, your interior designer might be promising you that an all black kitchen with stainless steel furnishings and a statement countertop is “all the rage” right now, but remember you have to be in your house long after what is fashionable changes. On average, a person spends at least five years in each home they live in – so that means your choices in your kitchen today could end up being one you live with for a long time.

Tip: Keep it simple. Stay with classic neutral colours, optimise space to get as much storage as possible and talk to a professional about how they best see your kitchen space being used. It’s better to grow into your kitchen than it is to outgrow it quickly.

White Doesn’t Date

Whether it’s pure white, off white or something in the middle – white takes a lot longer to date than any other colour. Keeping with a neutral tone for your kitchen cabinets is probably the best thing you can do to prevent your kitchen from dating quickly.

Tip: There are hundreds of shades of white. Take your time to compare different types of white and see what works with the space that you are using for your kitchen

If you have any questions about colour schemes for your kitchen feel free to give us a call today on 08 9303 2176 or leave a comment below!

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