How to Avoid the New Kitchen Headache

Date:  October 12, 2021


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how to acvoid the new kitchen headache

If you don’t want your new kitchen to give you a headache, you need to do your homework first. Of course, you have been shopping around, compared prices and value for money. But have you taken a look behind the scenes? Did you really get what you want? Or have you been brain washed by great marketing and settled with their choices? Read on to learn how to avoid the new kitchen headache.

Kitchen developers these days have gone all digital. If you have them, you bring in the engineered drawings of your kitchen space if not you measure it yourself and do a kitchen, the better kitchen companies (or simply the more expensive ones) will send a staff member out and measure your current kitchen for you. Okay once you have the drawing, it is back to the pretty showroom.

Six showrooms and digital I-kitchens

Those showrooms are – for your convenience splattered all over Perth. Some companies have as many as six showrooms all over the city to make it ‘easy as’ for you. And it is, easy as. You don’t have to drive too far, you get a drink and it is all shiny and pretty. Your measurements are uploaded to the system. A pretty young chick is starting up the i-kitchen software and there you go: Your kitchen is ready. It looks so good. Please sign here.

Marketing, marketing, marketing

So what is wrong with this approach? Nothing is wrong with it as such. But you need to be aware, it is all marketing. The convenience of a showroom pretty much next to your door: marketing. And how convenient is it having a guy come out doing the measurements for you: marketing. The convenience of having a program that illustrates how your kitchen could look like: marketing. And the sole purpose of marketing is to make you buy stuff. All the above things are done to make it easy as for you to sign the contract, buy the kitchen, there and then.

Standard choices, limited designs

What you don’t do is thinking, considering, testing. You see your kitchen right there, if you can see it, it must be right. The visualisation is nothing but a marketing trick, which makes you turn off your brain. No browsing. No touching of sample doors – no long-winded discussions, which design, which type of door, which edge, which colour. 5 standard choices, if you are lucky. Three sample doors. It only takes a few mouse clicks and we have chosen the best option.

Have you? Or where you tricked into choosing one out of their five standard choices? Was the end result kitchen really what you wanted when you were browsing Pinterest kitchen styles and trends?

Brainwashed by marketing and settled for less

Trevor Skeels, managing director and owner of Dianella Polishing hears that all the time: “I actually wanted…” “Well if you wanted it why didn’t you get it and when you ordered your new kitchen?” The stunning answer Trevor hears more often: “They didn’t have it.” “It is not part of their range.” “They could not do it?” In the old days, if one supplier could not have done what you wanted, you would have shopped around. You most definitely would have not spent $30,000 on a new kitchen – just to get it fixed up – a few weeks after installation. That is what is wrong with the marketing and that is why you get a headache with your brand-new kitchen.

However these days: People do and we believe it is because all the convenient new marketing tools and particular the visualisation trick them into buying something so quickly and easily, that they don’t even realise they it is not what they want. Worse the quality is often mediocre at its best. So now that you have learned step one of how to avoid the new kitchen headache, stay tuned to read in our next blog, how to quality check your kitchen supplier before you buy. Let me tell you as much now: The money that these companies spend on their sophisticated marketing and presentation needs to be saved somewhere else…

At Dianella Polishing, we customise our service to the client every single time. We take the time and listen to you. Because at the end of the day, it is your kitchen and you have to live with it for the next 20 years. Give us a call to find out how to avoid the new kitchen headache on: 93032176 or click here to arrange an obligation free consultation.

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