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Date:  November 18, 2019


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handle less kitchens trend check - we have checked the latest hype in kitchen design for you and know how to best get the strewam line fresh design for your kitchen

There is no trend like handle less cupboards in the world of home design. The minimalist style is the must have feature in a contemporary kitchen. If you want that elegant and unobstructed look, the sleek and organised design than you need to go handle less. Read on for our handle less kitchens trend check and to learn about the variety of options.

Timeless Design

As big as the trend is currently, it is actually not new. Back in the 70ies handle less kitchens were already a favourite design feature. You haven’t noticed? The reason might be that handle less cupboards are a timeless style that does not become dated. The clean and tidy look ensures is a classic that is guaranteed to last. Even more so it is not associated with a specific style because it is the purity that stands out.

True Handle Less Kitchens

Are you getting confused by the terminology of handle less kitchens?  Don’t worry; it is actually quite easy to decipher the designer slang. A continuous rail, moulded finger pull and a u-shaped finger pull all sit behind the doors and drawer fronts. You put your fingers in this space to pull them open.

J-Shape Pull or Aluminium Pull

A j-shape pull is a convenient compromise. Metal rails, often made from aluminium,  attach to the top of your doors and drawer fronts to give the impression of a seamless design while allowing to easily opening the doors as usual.


Handle less cupboards are not the cheapest option. You might think “skipping the handles” should save some dollars. But unfortunately the handles less design requires additional labour and parts that add to the overall cost of your kitchen. Depending on your preferred technology the extra costs will add between 20 to 60 percent to your overall costs. To give you an idea on hardware prices, the ‘Blum Blumotion tip on drawer system’ comes from $35 per drawer.

Update Your Existing Kitchen

The good news is: We can convert a traditional kitchen to a handle less kitchen. Depending on your favourite mechanism there are a few options. Tip on mechanisms are installed behind existing doors and drawer fronts; j-shape handles can be added to existing doors and U shape moulds can be driven into current drawer fronts and doors. To convert your current kitchen to a handle less kitchen is the most cost effective option.


Most handle less kitchens have some kind of space between doors and drawers that is prone to collect dirt. However this should not put you off because in all honesty it is the finger pull requires just as much cleaning as an ordinary door. If anything, you got an even surface, which is easy to clean.


A handles less kitchen will save your little ones a lot of blue eyes and bump as no handles means nothing sticking out to run into. Your clothes will also thank you as nothing will get caught and torn anymore.

Has our handle less kitchens trend check convinced you? If we got you even more interested in updating your kitchen, give us a ring on 93032176 to book an obligation free in-house consultation to find out if your space can be update to a handle less kitchen. You can also simply click here and request a meeting online. Stay tuned for part 2 on handle less kitchens advantages and disadvantages of different types.

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