Forget Tidy by Ikea, Marie Kondo & De-Clutter Experts

Date:  February 13, 2020


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Forget Tidy by Ikea, Marie Kondo & De-Clutter Experts.

Everyone wants it: A neat and tidy house. A clean space is a space for entertaining, thinking and wellbeing. Countless experts advise on the best way to tidy up, organise and de-clutter. Marie Kondo started it. Ikea run its own competition “Tidy by Ikea”. But let’s face it. There is only so much to throw out, donate and get rid-off. What’s left is still endless bits and bobs you need and nowhere to put them. Bottom line is: Life is busier and we simply have and need more tools, gadgets, things, than our grandparents did. The solution is simple. It is all about storage. Read on to learn why you can Forget Tidy by Ikea, Marie Kondo & De-Clutter Experts.


Kitchen and Dining

#1 in Forget Tidy by Ikea, Marie Kondo & De-Clutter Experts is about cabinets. Who wants to entertain in a cluttered up kitchen? In the old days nanna cooked in the kitchen. The doors shut behind her. Not anymore. Today the cooking is part of the party. No wonder that we feel most at ease with guests in our kitchen when it’s tidy. The key to a clean entertainer’s kitchen is storage. You might not be able to physically add space to the kitchen but everyone can make space. Simply use the room fully.

Add another row of cabinets above your hanging cupboards, go all the way up to the ceiling. Simply add a floor to ceiling pull-out pantry and make sure it’s stocked with drawers for easy access. Boost your storage with shelves and rails. Add storage boxes and shelf risers to organise the inside of your cabinets. Clear your counters and most importantly: Re-fresh the surfaces. Give your doors and drawer fronts a new coat of paint, loose those peeling vinyl doors and old fashioned knobs. A coat of paint will make your old cluttered kitchen look streamlined and clean. You will barely recognise the space once you’re done.

Open Plan Living

There once were a living room and formal lounge room. Separate areas. Dedicated audiences. Strangers, salesman, and passers-by, they all stepped in the formal lounge. Decorate it. Dust it and your good to go, when doorbell rings. Not anymore. Open plan living took over: One place for everyone and everything. Greet and eat, chill and entertain, learn and surf. The one for all space makes it more important than ever to have it all under control.

Open shelving never looks organised and excess clutter in the open plan living area makes it hard to relax. Storage solutions with drawers and doors are the key to get on top of the clutter. If your linen cabinet is already overflowing, or worse you don’t even have one, don’t worry. Add one. Build in storage is an easy addition and quick fix to un-organised homes.

De-clutter for a good night’s sleep

A messy bedroom and a cluttered up wardrobe might not be your biggest concern. At least they are hidden away no one sees the chaos. However sleep science show that a messy bedroom messes with your sleep. The good news is: The bedroom is one of the easiest spaces to de-clutter. Most of the times: All you need is a couple of extra shelves and a bit of a system to get on top of the chaos. The good old rail and shelf don’t do a lot in terms of organising. Scarfs and jewellery, belts and ties, all need their dedicated spot.

A tallboy is a great way to ensure everything is accessible and neatly stored away. Add an eye catching mirror and a valet or clothes butler for those outfits you don’t need to wash just yet; and enjoy your all tidy bedroom and good night sleep.

And don’t worry about mixing materials and colours. At Dianella Polishing we will match your existing build in robes and cabinetry and make sure the Ikea tallboy fits in just fine.

Bathroom and Laundry

Bathrooms and laundries are the smallest (and most neglected) rooms in any house, and by nature full of clutter. Toiletries and towels, medicine, cleaning products, make-up, are easily piling up inside your cabinets. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. De-cluttering wet rooms is easier than you think. A shelf or cabinet above your bathroom door brings instant extra storage. A dedicated medicine cabinet keeps all the tablets, and pills out of your vanity drawer and a simple tray organiser keeps your vanity cabinet neat and tidy.

So now that you know why you can Forget Tidy by Ikea, Marie Kondo & De-Clutter Experts, save the money for a ‘professional home organiser’ and invest in adequate storage instead. Our friendly cabinetmaker can draw up the storage solutions to fit your space and we at Dianella Polishing make sure that everything in your house is colour matched and neatly presented. Simply give us a call on 08 93032176 or click here to send us an enquiry:

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