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Date:  May 1, 2018


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A shiny translucent look brings the inside out
A shiny translucent look brings the inside out but might cause ripples

A stylish kitchen designed by rd kitchens and professionally painted with a 2-Pac Paint Finish by Dianella Polishing in Wangara.

Do you want to make the most of your open plan living? Fancy that shiny modern look? Learn how to avoid ripples, when going for high-gloss cabinets. Here are some things you want to consider when catching the light in your combined front room dining area.

The modern light filled seafront loft is the latest trend. „More and more clients are asking for the shiny translucent look that brings the insight out”, says Tim O’Brien, Dianella Polishing Production Manager.

Cabinet makers can provide you with several options to achieve that look.  You can chose of acrylic doors, glass doors, MDF (medium density fibreboard) laminate or melamine boards.

ripples - nice on the water but not so great on your cupboard walls

Too much of a seaside theme: ripples or as the paint and polishing experts say: telegraphing effect

Ripples are too much of a seaside theme 

The different materials come with an according price tag. Most of the times it does not matter which substrate you choose. All materials can be finished with the same range of paint from Satin (30% gloss) over Semi Gloss (60% gloss) to high gloss (100%gloss) and Gloss Buff.

However the higher the gloss level is, the more susceptible are your cabinet doors to ripples. This is when the substrate matters.

Ripples on sprayed cabinet doors have their name from those very similar structures you see when a light breeze touches the ocean surface.

In the cabinet making industry these ripples are called “telegraphing effect.”

“Telegraphing is the effect where you see the ripples in the board surface through the painted polyurethane face in a painted door finish”, explain the SmartPack experts.

Melamine and laminate substrates can lead to ripples. The wave-like structures are almost invisible and only occur when a full set of light hits straight onto the glossy surface.

“In a standard 4×2 home you won’t notice the difference as the effect only becomes visible with lots of direct natural light and the right (wrong) viewing angle”, says Tim.

Do you ceiling high windows? “In bigger coastal homes however,  you might get too much of a seaside theme, when you see ripples on your overhead cupboards.”

How to avoid ripples

A certain level of telegraphing is acceptable by the Housing Association of Australia (HIA). Nevertheless you might want to avoid the effect altogether.

“High quality substrates can reduce the effect to a minimum, but no amount of buffing or coating will eliminate the ripples in MDF completely”, says Tim.

Feature wood adds luxury

A combination of clear coated timber and a high gloss 2-Pac Paint finish is a beautiful. This is a less pricey alternative to acrylic doors.  Solid wood adds depth to the room and flags a feature with a hint of luxury that makes your kitchen stand out.

The Dianella Polishing consultants will always have an eye on special conditions and help you choose the right finish for your kitchen.

If you don’t work directly with Dianella Polishing make sure to ask your cabinet maker what level of gloss he is using.  Make sure he understands your kitchen is well lit. This way you ensure to receive the best quality work on your project.

Talk to your cabinetmaker to see what choice of beautiful contemporary materials are available. And chose those that best match your home. Visit our show room at the Dianella Polishing Warehouse in Wangara to get some inspiration.

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