First Aid for Peeling Vinyl Doors

Date:  January 3, 2020


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So you ordered a kitchen a few years back and now the doors are peeling? It is hard to believe that a kitchen is only made to last four to seven years but unfortunately that is the case with vinyl wrapped kitchen cabinets. To be honest we don’t recommend thermos-foil as a material for kitchens at all, they don’t cope heat nor moisture well. However not all is lost, read on to learn all about First Aid for Peeling vinyl doors.

Why are vinyl doors peeling

You may ask yourself, why is the vinyl peeling? The reason lies in the vinyl wrapping process. The vinyl wrap is basically a flexible plastic sheet that is wrapped around the substrate. It then gets glues to that substrate. The glue weakens over time. The more heat and moisture it is exposed to, the quicker the glue fails. The result is that the vinyl wrap bubbles up and finally peels off.

Supplier Warranty

If your vinyl doors are peeling your first point of contact should be your supplier, e.g. your cabinetmaker or builder. Most cabinetmakers offer only a seven years’ warranty on their furniture. However it is worth asking them even if your kitchen dates eight or more years. Australian Consumer Protection Laws state that products need to last long enough. And for a kitchen seven years might well be considered too short. Often however, the builder’s warranty doesn’t cover the doors itself but only the fitting and installation.

Manufacturers’ Warranty

Had no luck with the supplier? Speak to the manufacturer directly. They also are obliged by law to guarantee their workmanship. Just as the builders and cabinetmakers the manufacturers are limiting their warranty wherever they can. This is particularly the case for thermos-foil doors used in kitchens and wet-areas as the manufacturers know about the limitations of their products. The manufacturer’s terms and conditions might state that heat shields need to be installed to protect the fragile boards.

Worth knowing and noting: The manufacturer’s warranty is limited to the actual product e.g. the vinyl wrapped door or drawer front or the thermos-foil side panel. Not covered are the dissemble and re-installation of the kitchen to access the boards that need replacing.

Re-wrap the peeling vinyl doors

It seems the logical thing to do: Remove the old vinyl wrap and re-apply a new thermos-foil layer. We do not recommend it though and we won’t do it either. The reason is, that you will have exactly the same problem again in four to seven years. The thermo-foil wrapping will begin to bubble here and there and then peel off.

Replace the doors and drawer fronts

Of course the easy option is to replace the doors with new ones in a different finish. However this is the priciest option as all your doors, drawer fronts and end panels will need replacing.

Re-surface the peeling vinyl doors

At Dianella Polishing we specialise in resurfacing peeling vinyl doors. We will remove the faulty thermo foil , sand the underlying substrate back  and apply a long lasting , scratch and heat resistant layer of 2-pac paint. This way you won’t be bothered by peeling vinyl doors and get a brand-new looking  2 Pac kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

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