Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchens – ‘pimped’ by Dianella Polishing

Date:  July 1, 2019


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At Dianella Polishing we can colour match every colour there is. So if you fancy a Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchen but dont like their limited colour range - give us a call.



“You can’t have the cake and eat it?” Says who? It’s 2019! Of course you can! So if you are eyeing out these super affordable  Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchens. Those that sell from as low as $3,738, be assured you can have it; and in your favourite colour and design too.

Times are tough. Who can (or wants to) spend $40,000 or more on a new kitchen? Flat pack kitchens have been on the market a fair while now and for those, who are planning on a budget, Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchens sure is a great alternative to the traditional designer kitchen.


The new, more advanced “Kaboodle Cut To Measure” system allows you to customise your flat pack kitchen to perfectly suit your rooms. The online 3 D kitchen planner makes it easy to visualise and design your dream kitchen. You simply pick your cupboards and overheads, your benchtop and splashback and you are done.

However – when it comes to colour the Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchens is somewhat limited, knows Trevor Skeels, Owner and Managing Director at Dianella Polishing. “More and more customers are calling me to check if we can give them a wider choice of colours”, says Trevor. “Our clients really love the flexibility and the big savings that come with the Kaboodle. But they miss the unlimited range of colours they are used to from their designer kitchens.”


Luckily, Bunnings’ Kaboodle knows its limitations and offers a raw board: “Our raw doors are the perfect option if you’re got your heart set on a specific colour – you can use these to paint your own doors”, describes the Bunnings website. This is where Trevor and his team enter the scene. They basically pimp the Kaboodle.

“We get you the kitchen you want”, promises Trevor Skeels. As the owner of WA’s longest standing quality polishing shop, he can offer an unlimited choice of colours. “Don’t get stuck with the limited range of a flat pack. At Dianella Polishing we specialise in spray painting kitchens. We can spray paint your kitchen in every shade of every colour!” Your kitchen, your choice!


How it works? It’s simple, really. You order your Kaboodle at Bunnings as a raw board, e.g. the Raw Board Alpine and you bring it straight to our Wangara Workshop. We we spray-paint your kitchen in your preferred finish and tone, before it gets assembled.

Rest assured, your kitchen is in good hands: Dianella Polishing is the preferred supplier for Perth’s leading kitchen designers and shop fitters for more than 30 years, guaranteeing you the perfect finish you expect.“

As a professional paint shop we use only durable 2 pac paint, explains Trevor. This means you are not only getting exactly the colour you want, but also a high end finish instead of the usual cheap vinyl wrap.

P.S.: Yes we can pimp your Good Guys Kinsman Kitchen; your Semble Flat Pack Kitchen and your Ikea Kitchen too. Just drop us an email give us a call on 9303 2176 and see how we can get you your unique kitchen on a budget. (So there is still money for the cake…).

Feel free to comment below with your creative DIY hacks. We love to see how you upcycled your Flat Pack.

2 responses to “Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchens – ‘pimped’ by Dianella Polishing”

  1. leticia Clark says:

    Hi there! Wanted to understand the cost of painting kitchen doors from bunnings? Thank you!

    • Rike says:

      Hi Leticia, the costs depend on the number of cabinets, size, and whether you will remove them or we will do so. Please give us a ring to discuss your requirements. Thank you!

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