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A shiny translucent look brings the inside out
Flag a feature and create a hint of luxury in your kitchen

Do you want to make the most of your open plan living? Fancy that shiny modern look? Learn how to avoid ripples, when going for high-gloss cabinets. Here are some things you want to consider when catching the light in your combined front room dining area. The modern light filled seafront loft is the latest […]

Peeling Vinyl: It Can’t Be Fixed But It Can Be Replaced

A common question we receive from people looking to update and renovate their kitchen is: “How can I Fix Peeling Vinyl on my kitchen cupboards?’ Peeling vinyl is an frustrating and unappealing to downside to having vinyl wrapped cupboards. Vinyl is often the cheaper option when installing cupboards, and due to its wide range and […]

Be an Expert: How To Choose The Best Polish Shop

The quality of work that is carried out by a polish shop when painting your cabinets is the most important factor to ensure a perfect finish. The polish shop industry is largely unregulated. This is why many ‘backyard polishers’ are hitting the marketplace. Some Cabinet Makers advise you that they use a replicable painting company. […]

3 Fast Facts About Painted Cabinets

Whether you’re building a new home from the ground up, or renovating your existing kitchen, bathroom or laundry you are probably being faced with a number of big decisions. When deciding on cabinets, particularly the ones featured in your kitchen there are a lot of different things to chose from. Colour, finish, paint, vinyl, timber, […]

A professionally painted kitchen can give your old cabinets new glory.
A Painted Kitchen: What Kind of Cabinets can be Painted?

As a polish shop that specialises in rejuvenating tired, worn down kitchen cabinets we are often asked that type of kitchen can be painted? A common misconception regarding kitchen renovations, is that you need to completely rip out your existing cabinets in order to get a painted kitchen, when in fact almost any existing cabinets […]

How to Prolong Your Kitchen From Going Out of Style

  Have you ever seen a solid pine kitchen from the 1970s? It is usually paired with some colourful door knobs, an outrageous brightly coloured counter top and some sort of paisley printed wall tiles. When you walk into a house and see a kitchen with pine cabinets and colourful countertops, it will usually scream […]

Top 5 Tips to Picking a Polish Shop

It can sometimes be overwhelming looking for a polish shop to refinish your kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets. There are a number of polish shops around and they range in size, specialty and professionalism. When looking for someone to complete your work, it is important to look out for these five key signs, to make […]

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