Busting Myths about Cabinet Refinishing

Date:  November 16, 2015


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Cabinet refinishing is not a new process – but it sure isn’t the most commonly known way to renovate your kitchen. When we go out and give quotes to refinish kitchen cabinets, we hear a lot of the same questions regards myths our clients have been told about kitchen renovations. Today we have compiled a list of some of the most common myths about cabinet refinishing, so you can be more informed when making your decision on how to renovate your kitchen.


Myth #1 Refinishing my kitchen cabinets will be expensive and will be a long process

Depending on the time of year and our current workload, typically it takes us 2 to 3 weeks to get cabinets refinished from the day we receive them. From experience and from what we have been told by our customers, cabinet refinishing is typically a third of the price of getting your kitchen cabinets completely replaced. So not only is it a quicker option, it’s also a cheaper one!


Myth #2 I have to get my kitchen cabinets replaced because there is residual glue left on the MDF which can’t be removed

The most common myth we hear when out quoting jobs – and it’s most often told to clients by cabinet makers and other industry professionals is that glue damages your cabinet doors. If you have peeling vinyl cabinets and there is residual glue left over once the vinyl is removed, Dianella Polishing can remove the glue! This means you don’t need to pay to get your entire kitchen redesigned, instead you can just get a professional such as Dianella Polishing to make your kitchen cabinets look like new


Myth #3 If I damage one or two cabinet doors, I need to replace all my cabinets to make them match

When Dianella Polishing refinish kitchen cabinets, we can match the paint to almost any colour. Sometimes your budget might not be able to cater to completely refinish your all of your kitchen cabinets, but only a couple of your cabinets are looking worse for wear. Instead of redoing your entire kitchen, the doors that need to be done can be removed and painted to suit the existing colour scheme.


If you’re looking at refinishing your kitchen, bathroom and laundry cabinets and have any other myths you need busted, let us know today!

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