Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchen Colour Trouble – SOLVED!

Date:  July 5, 2019


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If your Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchen is Discoloured, Discontinued, Yellowing - we can help you. At Dianella Polishing we match and paint all kitchen colours, cabinets and styles.

Discoloured, discontinued, disappointed!

Clients contact us because they are less than happy with their Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchen. We call it the Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchen Colour Trouble. This is particularly the case with the Gloss White finish seems to be prune to turning yellow; very much to the dismay of unhappy house owners.

Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchens are increasingly popular. The modular system is extremely flexible. Therefore if you assemble it yourself, you can save 10,000’s of Dollars compared to a custom made kitchen. However some customers say, “you get what you pay for”, and complaint about a lack of quality and durability: Colour Trouble.

Kaboodle Kitchen Colour Trouble – Cupboards Turned Yellow

Productreview.com-User Colin White is not happy. He reports that his white Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchen “discoloured quite quickly”. Fellow Productreview.com-user Trevor Orsaris complaints too. He bought a new kitchen in 2013. “Four years later half the cupboards have gone from white to a light brown/cream colour.” (https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/kaboodle-kitchen))

Michael James, from the Whirlpool-forum, is not surprised. He knows “The problem colour is Gloss White.” The discolouration is a problem well known in the industry. There are basically three reasons vinyl kitchen cabinets turn yellow. The most common one is exposure to heat or sunlight. (From https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2069484)

Kaboodle even warns about it in their fine print: “*Gloss White is not suitable for use in areas of a kitchen that are exposed to excessive direct sunlight and/or UV light. This colour is more susceptible to fading and discolouration over time. We recommend that if this is the case in your kitchen that you select alternative colours to this.” (https://www.kaboodle.com.au/products/detail/gloss-white).

Kitchen Colour Trouble – Colours Don’t Match

In other cases the colours simply don’t match or have aged over time. For example Productreview.com–user Petasmum: “I can’t remember how long ago I bought my existing three wall cabinets. But I have now decided to add three more. Unfortunately my existing cabinets have discoloured. They don’t match the new ones! No sunlight or direct light comes in my laundry and I am not impressed. (https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/kaboodle-kitchen).

It’s not necessarily a product fault if the colours don’t match. The reason for the difference in colours might just lies in the time between the purchases, explains Trevor Skeels. The Owner and Managing Director at Dianella Polishing says: “No two batches are exactly the same. It is very important that you combine cabinets from the same batch.”

Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchen Colour Trouble – Limited Warranty

Petasmum can just hope on ‘Good Will’ at the customer service department, as their Standard Warranty clearly excludes Colour Troubles:

  • “The Standard 10 Year Warranty does not apply to a product’s finish achieved, including any colour or shade selected by the customer…”
  • “The warranty does NOT cover: Variations in colour and shade. General colour fading or discolouration.”

However not all is lost. If you missed the fine print or got a bad batch, we ca hep you. At Dianella Polishing we can bring your Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchen back to former glory; and more importantly give it a finish that lasts. As long as you can provide us a colour sample we can match it.

Dianella Polishing Can Solve Your Colour Trouble For Good

Dianella Polishing uses professional grade 2-pac paint that is heat and scratch resistant and thus ideal for bright Australian kitchens. If your Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchen cabinets are from a not matching batch, discontinued, discoloured, yellowing or fading we can re-paint and re-finish them.

Just give us a call on 9303 2176 or email us here https://www.dianellapolishing.com.au/contact/ and we arrange an obligation free quote for you.

Feel free to share your Bunnings Kaboodle Kitchen Colour Troubles below in the comments. We love to see how you fixed it and are more than happy to advice what can be done.

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