Autumn is the best season for property sales

Date:  May 18, 2021


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Autumn is the best season for property sales

Autumn is the best season for property sales

With the property prices taking off in recent months you might wonder if you have missed the boat. Rest assured: You haven’t, if you want to sell your house, now is the time. The autumn selling season has just begun and it will be huge. Real estate agents expect the market to really take off.

50 percent more sales

For the last two decades, autumn has been the best selling season of the whole year. Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIWA) figures show that between April and June sales numbers doubled compared with other quarters.

Buyers have recovered from the “silly season” around Christmas and the school holidays and are starting to tackle their financial goals again. Autumn has lots of incentives over the rest of the year.

EOFY Tax incentives

One of the reasons why people race to sell in autumn is the tax incentives that come with the End of the Financial Year (EOFY). If you are planning the sale of your property perfectly you can gain $10,000- $20,000 in tax advantages. You can save on Capital Gains Tax and instantly recover small investments made in the property. (Click here to read more).

Sell before winter

Not only investors use autumn to sell their house. Everyone knows that winter is the worst season for both, selling or buying a house. Who wants to inspect properties and run from one home open to another in the rain? Who wants to move in winter? Traditionally property sales plummet in the cooler months, which is why folks do (almost) everything to sell or buy before the rain and the cold hit, which is why autumn is the best season for property sales


With the amazing recovery the property market has taken since Covid-19 hit, people are now feeling the “urge to get in”. Real estate agents are talking about the post-Covid-booster: Buyers have heard of the market picking up; buyers noticed the record sales in the past 15 months; they see listing numbers decreasing, and get afraid to miss out. With prices predicted to rise another 15-20% in the remainder of the year, the fear of missing out is driving the bids to go higher.

Prepare your property fast

Knowing now that autumn is the best season for property sales, you need to prepare your house quickly. There are only 2 months left before winter hits. So remember to make your property look best for sale: Even in a boom, an outdated kitchen scares buyers off. If they see a big $30,000 bill looming just after they spend so much money on the purchase, it is a big NO. This is why a kitchen makeover is the absolute must-do after tidying up and de-cluttering a house.

Luckily with Dianella Polishing’s kitchen painting service, you can make even a 1970’s kitchen look brand-new. The good news is: It only takes a couple of weeks – about the time you need to find a good agent and sign up with him. So don’t wait and give us a call to arrange for an obligation-free appointment.

Click here to book an appointment or simply dial (08) 9303 2176 to give us a call.

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