A Painted Kitchen: What Kind of Cabinets can be Painted?

Date:  July 14, 2015


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A professionally painted kitchen can give your old cabinets new glory.

As a polish shop that specialises in rejuvenating tired, worn down kitchen cabinets we are often asked that type of kitchen can be painted? A common misconception regarding kitchen renovations, is that you need to completely rip out your existing cabinets in order to get a painted kitchen, when in fact almost any existing cabinets can be refinished!

If you’re looking at refinishing your kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets it’s important you know what cabinet foundation you’re working with.

Melamine Cabinets

Melamine is often used in kitchen, bathroom and laundry cabinetry because of its fire resistant and heat tolerant properties. Though Melamine cabinets are strong and reliable, they are often limited in colour and style which can be problematic if you have a specific theme in your kitchen.

Getting a melamine kitchen painted by a professional is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to get your kitchen updated. Melamine cabinets do not peel, which means the doors of your cabinets can be removed and painted on without any fuss. We can paint your kitchen cabinets almost any colour that matches the theme of your updated decor.

Vinyl Wrapped Cabinets

Did you know under the vinyl on vinyl wrapped cabinets there is usually a good quality Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF) that is durable and easily painted? The most common complaint and issue with a vinyl wrapped kitchen is the vinyl begins to crack, lift and peel. The first signs of this happening is usually the time a kitchen renovation will enter your mind!

As long as the MDF under the vinyl is not damaged, the vinyl can be removed and the MDF can be painted. Dianella Polishing has a special process to remove the peeling vinyl and glue so that your cabinets are left ready to be professionally painted.

Timber or Pine Cabinets

Timber or Pine kitchens may not be as common as a Melamine or Vinyl Wrapped kitchens, but they still pop up every now and then. A timber of pine kitchen has a very distinct look and feel. As we spoke about in previous blog, when refinishing your kitchen utilising white or neutral colours means it’ll take longer for your kitchen to date.

Timber or Pine cabinetry provides a solid base for a painted kitchen. The doors and end panels can be removed by a professional polish shop, such as Dianella Polishing and then painted a new colour that better suits your new kitchen.

Are you currently considering refinishing your kitchen cabinets and have more questions? Leave a comment below or get in touch through our contact form.

7 responses to “A Painted Kitchen: What Kind of Cabinets can be Painted?”

  1. Vance Wilburn says:

    Require ballpark price to spray dining table and six turned chairs in 2 pac gloss white.
    Would prepare items to your required standard prior to final spray .Table 1500 x 900mm with turned legs.Surface is a finger jointed hardwood originally made in Malaysia. Have photos but would prefer to bring sample chair to your premises in Wangara.
    Regards ,Vance Wilburn.Ph 0488 909 310

    • dianellapolishing says:

      Hi Vance,

      Thank you for you query and sorry for the late reply! We would need to have a look at your furniture in order to provide an accurate quote. Could you send some photos through our website? Head over to http://www.dianellapolishing/contact and we will be in touch. If you would prefer to pop by we are open from 7am – 3pm Monday – Thursday and 7am – 1pm Friday and Saturday. You’re welcome to bring a sample and the pictures down for us to have a look at!


      The Team @ Dianella Polishing

  2. Helen geare says:

    We are in Bunbury and have peeling cabinets,is it very expensive to have them repainted? Roughly price per door

    • dianellapolishing says:

      Hi Helen,

      Typically speaking, repainting your kitchen cabinets is 1/3 of the price of getting new kitchen cabinets! So it certainly is a less expensive solution to get your kitchen looking like new again.

      If you would like a rough quote – best thing to do is to take a few pictures of your doors, count the doors/draws etc and send through a contact form to Trevor through our website https://www.dianellapolishing.com.au/contact. Trevor will then be able to have a look over everything and send you over pricing. Make sure you mention that your in Bunbury and your intentions with pick up/delivery (though we can arrange this for you – it may be cheaper to bring them up to Perth yourself etc if that is a possibility!).

      If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to let us know!


      The Team @ Dianella Polishing.

  3. Karen says:

    We have a vinyl wrap kitchen with matching island bench cupboards (I.e. Can be seen from front and back). I understand that you can bring the doors in for painting but what about the actual cupboard part? Does this get left in a non painted finish so the doors are painted but the cupboards are laminated? Is this not obvious?

    • dianellapolishing says:

      Hi Karen,

      Thank you for your comment regarding your vinyl wrapped kitchen. All external visible parts of your cabinets are able to be unscrewed and therefore the vinyl can be removed and the MDF can be painted. If you’re refinishing your kitchen we would assist you in taking apart all external coverings which would then leave your cabinet frame (which does not need to be painted as it is not visible).

      If you have any other questions, please let us know!


      The Team @ Dianella Polishing.

  4. Astra Sing says:

    Keep up the great work! Thank you so much for sharing a great posts.

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