A guide to Kitchen Resurfacing

Date:  November 4, 2019


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Kitchen resurfacing is an enviromentally friendly and cost effective way to give your kitchen a new life.

Does your kitchen look dated?  Is it still in good condition? Don’t throw it out. You can resurface them instead. Resurfacing is a cost-effective way to make your kitchen look like brand new for the fraction of the cost of getting a new one. Read on for a guide to Kitchen Resurfacing.

Don’t toss out the good with the bad

The resurfacing process avoids tossing the good out with the bad: We are using your existing cabinetry, doors, drawer fronts and carcasses (the inside cupboards) and make them look brand-new. Your old fashioned, discoloured or yellowed kitchen cabinets will look fresh and contemporary with ”a new coat of paint”.

Heat, scratch and water resistant finish

At Dianella Polishing we mastered a specialised technology using 2 pac paint to re-vamp your kitchen. 2 pac is a tough, stain, scratch, heat and water resistant finish, which comes in a sheer unlimited range of colours and finishes. It is very versatile. The car industry uses it./ Commercial fit outs rely on it.

The Resurfacing Process

The best about our specialised technology is: Your kitchen stays completely functional throughout the process. We will pick up the end-panels, drawer fronts and doors from your home. The carcasses stay in place and allow for use of the entire kitchen throughout the resurfacing process. No tradies will walk in and out your home. We do not leave dust or dirt behind. We simply deliver the freshly painted doors back.

2 pac technology – more than just a fresh coat of paint

Our specialised 2 pac paint technology is more than just fresh coat of paint. We take your drawer fronts and doors to our specialised Wangara factory, where they are sanded back and prepared for the 2 pac treatment in our custom spray booths.

2 pac paint is applied in a climate controlled environment in multiple layers before the doors and drawer fronts are delivered back to your home. Our method of resurfacing cabinetry is not limited to kitchen cabinets. We can apply our special 2 pac paint technology to almost all cabinetry: Kitchen, linen, cupboards, laundry cabinets and storage shelves.

Because our technology is so durable, versatile and competitively priced it is the first choice not only for private households but also for hotels, shop fit-outs, businesses and retirement’s villages.

The finishing touches

The kitchen will look amazing. You wont recognise your old kitchen. To finish off the space, we recommend adding new, modern handles and soft close drawers or even finger pull systems. Your kitchen looks brand new and it is updated to the latest technology and feel. When you order, just let us know that you would like new handles too. We will fill the old drill holes and resurface the the substrate afterwards. Sounds good? Just have a chat with Trevor, our managing director or Tim our workshop manager or click here to arrange for an obligation free in house quote. Share this blog article A guide to Kitchen Resurfacing.

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  1. Teresa says:

    My kitchen is vinyl wrap and peeling – can my kitchen becresurfaced?

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