5 reasons why we don’t paint peeling vinyl

Date:  August 19, 2020


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Peeling vinyl doors does not last! There are a total of 5 reasons why we don’t paint peeling vinyl

Can you just paint over the vinyl? If we got a dollar for each time someone asks this question… However the answer is “No!” We don’t paint over vinyl doors. We don’t glue back peeling vinyl doors. If you would like to know our top 5 reasons why we don’t paint peeling vinyl, read on.

Most of the times customers ask us to paint their peeling vinyl doors it’s because they want to solve two problems at once. They want their peeling vinyl doors fixed and they want to change the outdated colour of these doors at the same time. The most traditional approach is to renovate the kitchen from scratch.  Cabinets, benchtop, appliances etc. easily add up to $40,000. Let’s face it, no one has this kind of cash just sitting around. More importantly you won’t be able to sell your property for $40,000 more.  So instead of the big kitchen renovation, to do a fixer upper is the more feasible way to go. However painting over peeling vinyl is not a good idea.

To paint over vinyl-wrap you need to glue it back

We cannot paint over loose surfaces. It is quite obvious actually, before we can paint over peeling vinyl, we would need to glue it back. “If you glue back the peeling vinyl, you may just as well throw out the cabinet door”, says Trevor Skeels, Owner and managing Director of Dianella Polishing.  Gluing back the vinyl to the substrate with over-the-counter glue does not last. It will peel again. For that reason, we never, ever glue back peeling vinyl; and we strongly advise our clients against it too.

Other cabinet doors will peel at some time

The second reason why we don’t paint over vinyl doors is that they all will peel eventually. You may have a vinyl wrapped kitchen that is still intact. You might be lucky enough not to have a single cabinet door or drawer front peeling yet. We still would not paint over it to give it a new life, a new colour. Viny will peel. Sooner or later all vinyl wrapped doors peel. Just imagine if we painted your thermos-foil doors and a few weeks or even half a year later the vinyl starts to peel off.

When the vinyl peels the paint will crack

If it’s not enough that your vinyl wrapped doors start peeling just after they got painted, guess what: The freshly applied paint won’t be too happy either. Our 2-pac paint is pretty sturdy: It is water-, heat- and scratch resistant, but if the surface underneath it peels off, well then even our hard-wearing polyurethane paint will crack and give in.

Cannot guarantee the quality of work

At Dianella Polishing we value our work. We have been in the industry for over 30 years. We want you to go home happily. Enjoy your “as-new” kitchen and spread the word. Go and tell everyone how pleased you are with the transformation of your kitchen or laundry. Therefore we promise excellent work. If you would ever walk out of the factory not fully satisfied, we would fix it for you. This is quite possibly the main reason why we don’t paint over peeling vinyl-wrapped doors: We could not then guarantee our workmanship. We cannot guarantee the quality of our work with peeling vinyl. Anything can happen. The paint peels. The paint cracks. The vinyl peels. Hence we don’t do it.

It costs almost the same as peeling the underlying substrate

If all of the above reasons were not enough to convince you that painting vinyl doors is not a good idea, here comes a cracker: Painting vinyl doors costs about the same as painting the underlying substrate from the start. So if you want to fix up your kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets, go for it. Keep the structurally sound base cabinets. We can remove the peeling vinyl as a first step. Then we sand back the substrate; prepare it for a fresh coat of paint, aka new life and finally we will spray-paint your cabinet doors, drawer fronts and side panels in a fresh and modern colour and finish. Click here to learn how we paint your vinyl kitchens.

Now that you know our 5 reasons why we don’t paint peeling vinyl, why don’t you give us a call to see how we can transform your kitchen? Do you have experience with painting vinyl kitchens? Feel free to share and comment below.

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