4 Steps To Prep Your Kitchen For Christmas

Date:  December 18, 2020


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4 Steps To Prep Your Kitchen For Christmas

Are you counting down in your head: Only 5 days till Christmas…? Wondering how to get it all done? The Christmas shopping; tidying up the house, the kitchen. Panic no more. We got you covered. In this post, we compiled our top 4 Steps To Prep Your Kitchen For Christmas. Getting your kitchen organised will not only provide you the peace of mind and confidence you need to get through the crazy season but also make the heart of your house more efficient and give you a great work space to create sumptuous dishes!


It is a no brainer: You really do want to have neat and tidy countertops for the holidays. Clutter-free benches are easier to clean; they look better and once empty you actually got space to work with.

Most of the time, when you got lots of things sitting on the counter, it is because these things don’t actually have a home (or because some family members don’t know that place.) Nothing stops the workflow more than having to move items back and forth to get some space to prep and work.

Phones, keys, magazines, to-do lists, letters, sunnies and lunchboxes are the most common suspects sitting on the countertop. Give. Them. A. Home. This is literally the best and easiest way of keeping your kitchen clutter-free. Not only for Christmas, but all year round.

We don’t want to do free advertising for Kmart. But a quick pit stop to get a magazine stand and a hallway cupboard might do your kitchen counters wonder. And the two best zones to create to combat this clutter are an organised entryway and a command centre! And a decorative basket and collect all the bits and bobs to get them out of the way.


Who has not seen a meltdown because in amidst the festive cook-up one: You could not find the lid, the spatula, the grater, the scales…

There is an easy way to avoid the Chaos-Christmas-Blues: Organise your kitchen drawers and cabinets.  If we have learned one thing from decades of kitchen renovations it is that everyone needs more space, more storage, and more organisation. While we are here all year round to help you update your kitchen, right now, a week before Christmas, all we can do is give you our advice and reveal the expert’s tricks.

So to help with your drawers the first thing you want to do is take everything out. Not only does this give you a chance to quickly wipe the drawers down, but also this is the best start to declutter. No-one really needs 3 frying pans and 15 pots… And the lid of that casserole, you threw out a year ago… it got to go too.

Baskets and dividers keep your sanity on Christmas Day

The rule of thumbsays if you haven’t used it in a year or two, lose it. Once you reduced the content of your drawers and cabinets, let’s get onto organising them. To organise your kitchen drawer use dividers or baskets. Remember that pit-stop to Kmart or even the dollar shop, we suggested in step 1? Just add the dividers and baskets to your shopping list. A simple plastic or bamboo basket to store all your lids in might just be the thing that keeps your sanity on Christmas Day.

Pot-racks and cabinet risers: the best way to store casserole dishes, frying pans, and pots, is with a rack, mounted to your existing kitchen drawers. You do not want pots and pans stacked in each other, creating that extra job every single time you need one. Multiply your storage space and access every dish easily with a rack system.

What the rack system is for your drawers the cabinet risers do for your wall-mounted cabinets: they double the storage space while making everything easily accessible. No more lifting the small bowls to reach the dinner plates. Just grab what you need and bypass the mess.


Alomost there, you have already come half way of the 4 Steps To Prep Your Kitchen For Christmas. And you probably recognise the pattern by now.: Start, again, with removing everything from the inside of your pantry. Now check for the best before date and sort through all your items. The fancy oil which you don’t really like? A stale pack of nuts that has been opened, god knows when?  Make three piles: Throw away, donate and keep. Remember, if you haven’t used it in a year, you probably never will. Throw away what you don’t need and make space for the important bits.

Categorize what’s leftover: Oils and vinegars, flours and baking, cans and pulses, cereals and nuts etc. It is important to store similar items together, so you know, where to find things. Store whatever you use most often in the centre and about chest to shoulders height. You don’t want to bend down or stretch to get to everyday items. Fill cereals into storage containers for easier use and storage. Square containers are the best space savers. You’ll be amazed what a difference an organised pantry makes to your Christmas Day-Cook-up.


Last but not least: Empty your fridge. You are going to need all the space you can get to store all the goodies for Christmas dinner and even more so for the leftovers after the big day. Dispose of all expired food items and use whatever you can in the lead-up to Christmas Day. Now, you did it. The 4 Steps To Prep Your Kitchen For Christmas are done and your kitchen is all ready for Christmas Day,  go and get that well-deserved glass of bubbly and rest assured, you got it.

Merry Christmas!

P.S.: If you want more tips on how to declutter your kitchen, click here. 

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