2018 Kitchen Trends Do’s and Don’ts Part 1 – COLOURS

Date:  March 8, 2018


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Dianella Polishing advice: How to get your Kitchen Facelift right

Dianella Polishing advice for Kitchen Facelifts - use your cabinest as canvas and stick to white. Add accessories to add pops of bright colour - this way you are all set for the 2018 Kitchen Trend - but wont be outdated in a few months.

Kitchen Trends 2018: accessorise your kitchen to add splashes of colour

Is your kitchen dated? Are you eyeing out the stylish stunners in the magazines? Thinking about a Kitchen Facelift and don’t know where to start? If your kitchen is structurally sound but in need of an update, we can help you. Dianella Polishing has screened the web for the 2018 Kitchen Trends and present a series of articles of do’s and don’ts for kitchen makeovers.

After more than 20 years in the business we know which trends are here to last and which ones are bound to bore before the makeover is finished. In our first article on current trends we check out colour hypes for their longevity and practicality. Read on to learn about costly eye-catchers and clever makeovers and make sure to go for a long-lasting fresh look than a shot-term eye-sore.

Personalisation will be king in 2018

According to ‘house beautiful’ personalisation will be king in 2018. Kitchen experts see striking colours and industrial finish on the rise. Pastel coloured cabinets and bright yellow kitchen islands will no doubt stand out. But before you get too brave: Consider the longevity of the trend and the sale-ability of your house.

Haven’t we all walked in those seventies fixer-uppers with pink tiles and brown cabinet doors. You’ll agree these didn’t stand the test of time. Kitchen cabinetry flops as a fashion gadget simply because they aren’t changed as easily as a pair of shoes.

If you intend to stay in your house for the rest of your lives, well at least than it’s only you being stuck with blue cabinets until you can effort the next makeover. But beware the bold, vibrant colour schemes if you plan to sell on in a few years. A unique style will put the majority of buyers off.

With this general rule in mind, back to the 2018 trends: Yes this year is surely all about colour.

This year is all about colour

Color swatches, color guides: The Dianella Polishing Kitchen Facelift Experts can help you choose the right colour for your kitchen.

House and Home knows “Blue kitchens with brass fixtures were everywhere in 2017, but here’s the evolution. In keeping with a return to nature, green is emerging as the hot hue of choice.” What this actually means is: now in February 2018 these kitchens are already outdated. So rather think twice before painting everything green to go with the “all natural” emerging trend of 2018.

Timeless is the key to kitchen bliss. If you like the rustic look, use copper lamp-shades or brass handles to add the traditional touch. To transform the functional space to a cosy meeting place grab a vintage rug to add some texture, add pot plants or kitchen herbs in classic earth or terra cotta pots and use wooden accessories to bring back the nature feel and touch. If you want to get it 100 percent right, invest a couple of hundred dollars in a vintage kettle, toaster and alike and you have that comfy stunner kitchen that everyone speaks about at the next dinner party. The beauty of this kitchen makeover is: it doesn’t break the bank and is easily reversible.

Treat your cabinetry as your (white) canvas

So if you want to give your kitchen the overdue makeover, go for it and add pops of colour. However we recommend choosing a classic white for your cabinets. Treat the cupboards, drawers, end-panels and benchtops as your canvas and the add splashes of colour in decorations. As long as the carpentry is structurally sound we can make your kitchen shine like new and all you need to do is decorate.

Curtains, flowers, matching paintings and even some bright coloured or vintage style new dishes will change the look and feel of your kitchen in no time, at no cost and no risk – and the best thing about it: If you get bored by the trendy pastels, pops of bright colours or hues of blue yourself – it will cost you a couple of hundreds to change it all over and feel happy and comfy again – not ten thousands.

Want to get an idea how we could transform your kitchen? Our experienced kitchen consultants will meet you in your home and work together with you on finding the best solution for you to make your cabinets look new again.

Give us a ring on: +61 8 9303 2176 or request a quote here: https://www.dianellapolishing.com.au/contact/

Stay tuned for our next article in this series to learn how to add functionality to your kitchen.

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