20 Steps of Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Date:  December 2, 2019


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The Pros and cons of Spray painting kitchen cabinets

Don’t throw out the good with the bad. Instead of replacing your entire kitchen, you can re-paint it. Sounds like a good idea? Did you check Instagram? Found all the DIY heroes that just did it “in a weekend”. Well we hate to break the news to you but reality is: It will take you between one week and 2 weeks of hard work. The time varies depending on the size of your kitchen and the quality of your work. If you take it easy and cut some corners, you can get the job done in a week. It will look that way too.  The bottom line is, there are many steps involved in spray a kitchen.  20 steps to be precise and these 20 steps of spray painting kitchen cabinets take time and can’t be skipped. Read on to learn what’s involved.

The 20 Steps of Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets are:

  1. Take off the drawer fronts and cabinet doors.
  2. Remove the hinges.
  3. Label all items to ensure they got back to their original location (no you can’t put a hinge on another door or a door at another cabinet).
  4. Wash off all grease and dirt of all doors, drawer fronts and hinges.
  5. Mask off areas you don’t want to spray.
  6. Fix up some scratches, fill some holes.
  7. Sand back the original coat of paint to make sure the new primer will bond to the substrate.
  8. Set up a spray booth at home.
  9. Set up your spray gun.
  10. Apply the primer.
  11. Clean the spray gun.
  12. Sand back the primer.
  13. Spray paint the edges of the doors and drawer fronts.
  14. Spray paint the front of the doors overnight.
  15. Apply the second coat of paint and let it dry overnight.
  16. Paint the back of the doors and let it dry overnight.
  17. Take off the masking tape, ensure no runners and paint seeps remain.
  18. Mount hinges and door handles back on the doors and drawers.
  19. Paint the cabinet frames with a paint brush and let it dry overnight.
  20. Reassemble the kitchen cabinets.

That guy on Instagram did these 20 steps of spray painting kitchen cabinets it in a weekend with his mates? Well, we are professional spray painters specialised on kitchens and shop fitouts. We have professional spray booths, drying rigs and half of our jobs arrive already dismantled in the factory. It still takes us 10 days minimum to spray-paint an entire kitchen professionally. The reason being we don’t cut corners. We want your kitchen to really get a second life, meaning: It is supposed to last another 20 years’ when it leaves our factory.

Professionally Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets

At Dianella Polishing we take care of your kitchen in a professional environment. Our experienced spray painters know exactly which substrates can be painted or not.  We hand sand every single door and drawer front to perfection. In our spray booth we guarantee the perfect spray painting environment. That is good for you because it means the paint dries evenly and perfectly across all substrates. Your doors and drawer-fronts will look like brand new. They won’t have runners and paint drops and the paint will not peel off after a few months, which is what happens if you paint them in a DIY set-up.

Obligation Free Quote

So before you set yourself up for the big mess give us a call on 93032176 or visit us in our Wangara factory. Trevor Skeels, the owner and director of Dianella Polishing will come around to your property and inspect your kitchen without any obligations. Trevor can instantly tell you if it is worth your while and money to paint your kitchen, if it is possible and what it will cost. If you add up all the costs of your DIY set-up, you’ll find our prices are more than competitive. More importantly though: If you trust your kitchen to the professionals you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble, time and money. Want to know more? Click here to read about the pros and cons of spray painting kitchen cabinets.

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