2-pac paint – all you need to know about

Date:  September 3, 2019


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2pac paint originates from the automotive industry and gives your kitchen a perfectly polished finish.

Now you have browsed our website, you have come across the term 2-pac a fair few times. Don’t be embarrassed by your lack of knowledge. We talk about it all the time. But really, no one who does not work in the industry would know what it is. Anyway we thought it is time to fill you in, so you can fully understand why 2-pac is such an excellent choice for your cabinetry.  And don’t you worry – we won’t get too technical. It will be a quick read-up on 2-pac paint – all you need to know about it.

What is a 2-pac kitchen cabinet finish?

2-pac, 2pak or 2pack is short for ‘Two Pack Paint’, an acrylic enamel paint system that has its origin in the automotive industry. It is the preferred and most commonly used choice for car finishes because of its luxurious and very durable, scratch resistant finish.

Kitchen designers adopted 2-pac paint to produce a polished kitchen that impresses with a glossy finish and is hard-wearing enough to withstand the heavy use in the kitchen. Today, all quality painted kitchens are made of cabinetry that is spray-painted with 2-pac paint.

Advantages of 2-pac paint

2-pac paint has many advantages over traditional household paint. These make it the number one choice for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry and linen cabinets:

  1. Unlimited range of colours: 2-pac paint comes in an unlimited range of colours. We can colour-match every colour and every shade that is out there. So what ever tone you desire – just bring us a sample and we match it. Alternatively come in and let us show you the colour palette so you can choose your perfect finish.
  2. You can choose the finish you want: While 2-pac paint was adopted for the kitchen to achieve a high gloss finish – it is available in any sheen level you desire. Choose from matte, satin (aka egg-shell), gloss, or high gloss. And if you fancy a metallic finish, we can do that as well.
  3. Unbeaten durability: 2-pac paint is the most durable finish on the market. It does not peel and it is heat-, water, and scratch-resistant, which makes it the ideal choice for all hard-wearing and high use areas.

Disadvantages of 2-pac paint

  1. There are no real disadvantages in 2-pac paint, once it is applied and hardened out. The only “con” of 2-pac-paint is it requires expertise. 2-pac paint cannot be applied by an amateur painter or as DIY job.
  2. The hardener component in 2-pac paint contains isocyanate, a poisonous chemical, when inhaled. Spray painter have to wear safety gear wear, like a spray overall and need to work in a well ventilated area to minimise exposure to the toxic fumes. Only a dedicated professional spray booth guarantees a safe application of 2-pac paint.
  3. Because 2-pac paint contains only a minimal amount of solvent it dries slower than ordinary solvent based paint. It therefore requires a dust-free environment to ensure a perfect finish. We solely spray-paint in our dedicated spray booth to ensure ideal conditions.
  4. On the same account a consistent temperature is needed. As heat speeds up the drying process and impacts on the finish, one can only achieve the perfect professional finish in a climate controlled environment.

As the market leader in Western Australia, Dianella Polishing holds over three decades of expertise with spray-painting. In our Wangara factory we have two dedicated spray booth that we use to spray paint. Our experience and expertise guarantee you the perfect quality and finish that 2-pac paint stands for.  Now that you have read our article on 2-pac paint – all you need to know about, don’t hesitate. Give us a call on 93032176 or click here to request a quote or discuss your kitchen and cabinetry needs with Trevor, our Owner and Director and your expert in all things 2-pac.

8 responses to “2-pac paint – all you need to know about”

  1. Alan Brock says:

    Am looking to get 3 ‘wood-stained telivision cabinets approx 2400x600x600 (with doors and drawers) sprayed white.
    These cabinets can be transported.
    Any advice please.
    Thank you

  2. wayne williamson says:

    I have LARGE wooden rocking horse.
    I have GESSOED the rocking horse (WATER BASED) and I want to have the rocking horse painted in a TWO PACK (very very very pale grey…almost white).
    I cannot fit wooden horse in my large sedan and wife only has hatch back.
    Friend in automotive spray business tried to spray horse but his thinners crazed the Gesso.

    Neen idea of ability to paint horse in 2 PAC
    How much, in ball park terms.
    Time it will take onece horse is delivered to premises.

    I will leave the stand as CLEAR (it is OAK) and will look good clear.

    • Rike says:

      Hi Wayne, to give us a better idea, would you be able to upload some photos via them contact form or email them to us? We will be in touch with a quote afterward. Thank you!

  3. Lesley says:

    Can you laminate over a 2 pac door or re 2 pac a door. We have 2 corner base cupboard doors, 2 under sink doors, a single base door and a set of overhead cupboards (2 doors in set) which are blue in a predominantly white kitchen. The white being many 2 pac drawer units.

  4. Colin Gamble says:

    I have a north facing front door with a black gloss 2 pack finish. It has weathered and become dull. How should I try to restore its finish ? And if restoration is possible, is there a finish (polish with UV filter?) that will give at least some protection going forward.

    • Nadia says:

      Hi Colin, apologies for the late reply – some Covid-related staff shortage…
      We can definitely refinish your front door. It basically needs sanding back and then re-spraying from scratch. Please click here to arrange a no-ties quote meeting or send pictures in.
      Trevor, the Dianella Polishing Owner and Manager, will then get back to you and confirm details and options regarding UV-filter. Kind regards the Dianella Polishing team. https://www.dianellapolishing.com.au/contact/ or call on 08 9303 2176.

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