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Dating back to the 18th century, French Polishing traditionally involved an expensive and highly intensive labouring process.

Using a combination of bee’s wax, shellac, filling and thinner based stains to effectively match certain colours on solid timbers and finishes, this method was pushed aside early in the 20th century in favour of less labour-intensive ways of finishing.

Today, this lost art has developed into a more manageable process using a spray gun and polyurethane coatings to produce a lustier finish that is near impossible to replicate with any mass-production techniques.

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The Dianella Polishing Process

The Dianella Polishing Process

Under the same reliable and well respected name, Dianella Polishing now uses a different French Polishing process that is more cost effective for our consumers and durable enough to be used throughout all areas of the house. This process is known as Two-Pac Painting.

Our technique involves preparing the job by sanding the wood down and cleaning it with thinners or grease and wax remover to eliminate any contaminants. The material is then undercoated with a two-pac polyurethane coating to ensure complete quality, and then undergoes a two-step process of being sanded down and finished in a fully enclosed dust-free spray booth.

The range of finishes we use allow for versatility in any home whether it’s painted or a clear finish. Our coatings are sorted into 30%, 60% or 100% gloss levels, with an unlimited selection of colours.

The Benefits of Two-Pac Painting

The Benefits of Two-Pac Painting

Two-Pac painting is a tasteful wood finishing technique that results in a very high gloss surface. We can also enhance deep colours and bring out the natural warmth of timber hardwood using two-pac clears.

Above all, Two-Pac painting finishes are very easy to repair and provide consumers with an efficient and inexpensive alternative to replacing damaged or worn cabinets.

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